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    21 Things No One Tells You About Being A Human

    Mornings never stop being the enemy.

    1. The things we need to do most are often the things we enjoy doing the least.

    2. We are stubborn creatures of habit.

    3. The human world isn't necessarily like your favorite books made it out to be.

    4. As humans get older they become less skilled at getting to sleep.

    5. Even when conditions are perfect.

    6. We are more comfortable when swaddled in our warmest clothing.

    7. Humans can be conditioned to prefer the company of animals over other humans.

    8. Humans have an almost impractical amount of loyalty to members of the same family.

    9. Some of us achieve with ease what others long for over a lifetime.

    10. Technology is both the enemy and the friend of humans.

    11. We rely on the structure of government, but enjoy no part of the process.

    12. Humans have the ability to feel two completely contradictory things at once.

    13. Nostalgia is one of the strongest of human emotions, regardless of age.

    14. Humans often use the most offensive language to form the strongest bonds.

    15. Humans have a gift for ruining a franchise between the book and movie stage.

    16. Human singing ability is almost always better in one's head than in reality.

    17. We crave the comfort of warmth in all its forms.

    18. Even when coupled, humans have the need for independence.

    19. The human brain has an extremely selective memory.

    20. Getting out of bed is one of the greatest of all human struggles.

    21. In fact, some humans are sometimes not actually fully human before noon.

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