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    13 True Facts About Being A Human

    Humans are a fascinating species.

    1. Human socialization is much more difficult than canine socialization.

    2. Humans often do not function optimally early in the day.

    3. The ideal time for a human to do laundry is never.

    4. The more some humans stay inside, the more luminescent their skin can become.

    5. Humans are often prone to distraction.

    6. When humans believe something is too good to be true, it most likely is.

    7. Humans both reject and require discipline simultaneously.

    8. Everything looks better at the beach to the human eye.

    9. Humans work hard to fight the power of moisture.

    10. Humans need considerable motivation to get their required dose of vitamin D.

    11. Humans panic as they march steadily towards their inevitable demise.

    12. Humans often revere sleep above all things.

    13. Procrastination is one of the strongest of all human impulses.

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