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    24 Ways Hair Will Frustrate The Crap Out Of You

    Truly a hair-rowing experience.

    1. From the moment you wake up in the morning, hair stands to be one of your very first obstacles.

    2. Hair never seems to behave the way you want it to.

    3. Sometimes it feels like the more work you put into it, the worse it gets.

    4. And it's just easier to do the bare minimum.

    5. And honestly you should get an award just for that.

    6. It seems like you've spent a pretty significant portion of your life trying to get it under control.

    7. Taking risks can prove disastrous.

    8. And the weather has far more control over your hair than you do.

    9. When it doesn't fall flat, it's puffing up beyond recognition.

    10. Getting it to work to your advantage takes great sacrifice.

    11. Putting it up doesn't always solve problems.

    12. And leaving it down is problematic too.

    13. Moments of hair satisfaction are few and far between.

    14. There seems to be no perfect method for containing it.

    15. Hair can be the most harrowing part of taking a shower.

    16. Then it comes back to haunt you even when the shower is done.

    17. And leaves your bathroom a horrifying wasteland.

    18. There are an endless amount of hair products in the world, and very few of them that actually do anything.

    19. Either that, or they all do the same thing, and it's not always the thing you want.

    20. Then you try to let a professional handle it and it becomes a totally different kind of hell.

    21. It brings math to a place it has no business being.

    22. And sometimes you end up worse off than when you started.

    23. Your dream hair always seems to be something that's just physically impossible.

    24. But once in a blue moon, your hair will surprise you with looking great at an unexpected time.