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    Here's Your Sunday BuzzFeed Comics Roundup

    Snow days and Kanye and weird sex dreams.

    1. For when you're not feeling very original.

    2. For the times you want to eat just one single stupid bite of something.

    3. When winter is just too cruel.

    4. For members of an odd couple.

    5. When you're desperately trying to stay healthy.

    6. For the victim of a horrible deception.

    7. When you're fattening up for the winter.

    8. For those days you just need an excuse to stay.

    9. When you're feeling punny.

    10. When you want to keep your fingers warm and look cool at the same time.

    11. For the re-evaluating of your creative process.

    12. When you just want to go invisible.

    13. Like really, really go invisible.

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