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    Post Malone Got Rid Of His Hair And Got A Skull Tattoo Instead

    This is a look.

    Gone are the days when Post Malone used to look like this.

    The music artist has a new post-quarantine look that's a lot easier to maintain.

    He recently ditched all of his hair and, instead, got a tattoo of a skull... on his skull.

    "I have cut my hair even shorter, also skeletons are cool," he wrote on Instagram, where he shared a glimpse of his new look. "Spread your heart as much as you can. A little love goes farther than you think. Stay strong, and keep kicking ass. Love, Austin"

    Post Malone had been taking his hair into his own hands during quarantine. Last month, he shared a photo of his haircut, writing, "I cut my own mullet today, mom."

    He recently opened up about all of his tattoos to GQ, saying, "I feel like the face tattoos make me interesting to look at, so where I might lack in handsomeness, I make up in intrigue at least."

    His latest tattoo is definitely interesting to look at!