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Hilary Duff Is "Still Repulsed" By The Fact That She Drank Her Placenta In A Smoothie

"I know it sounds gross, but it's so badass!"

Two years ago, Hilary Duff casually shared that she drank a placenta smoothie after giving birth to her daughter, Banks β€” and even to this day, she's "still repulsed by it."

Hilary told the story on Whitney Cummings' Good for You podcast after joking, "This is a whole conversation, maybe for the other podcast. Do you have one of those?"

Today the great @HilaryDuff is on the podcast and I may have ruined her career

After Hilary gave birth, her midwives whipped up the placenta smoothie for her. "So I had a home birth, and my midwives β€” I call them 'the Witches' β€” they're pretty, like, hippie-dippie, a little different thinking," she explained.

Hilary explained the nutritional value of it, saying, "They say that it stops your body from hemorrhaging after you have a baby. They say that it gives you all kinds of energy and nutrients and [it] helps balance your hormones and stuff like that."

When asked if she thought it worked, Hilary clarified, "I didn't eat the whole thing." She "literally could not taste it," since it was mixed with "strawberries and berries and bananas."

"And I'm still completely repulsed by it," she said, later adding of her placenta, "I saw that thing β€” it looked gnar."

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At the same time, though, Hilary explained how amazing it is that she was able to experience it: "I know it sounds gross, but it's so badass a woman can grow a temporary organ. And then you can eat it!"


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