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Gigi Hadid Just Took Maternity Photos To Another Level

This needs to be framed.

Gigi Hadid is officially a maternity model. The runway regular has stayed mostly private throughout her pregnancy, but she just shared some maternity photos that are so stunning, it's unreal.

Gigi actually shared a few pics from her recent maternity photoshoot last week, writing "growing an angel," but today she posted more, as well as some behind-the-scenes videos.

"A few more from 7.26," she wrote, before hinting at her due date.

Gigi captioned one photo from her late July shoot with "33 weeks," which would put her at 38 weeks currently.

That lines up with the update her mom Yolanda Hadid gave back in April, saying in an interview with RTL Boulevard, "I am excited to become Oma in September." (Oma is a commonly used term for grandma in the Netherlands, where Yolanda is from.)

If her nursery wasn't already decorated, she now has plenty of gorgeous photos to hang on the walls.