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    Updated on Nov 26, 2019. Posted on Nov 26, 2019

    Even On My Best Days I'm Not As Zen As Ariana Grande's Response To Falling Off Stage

    "Things were going too well."

    If you follow Ariana Grande on Twitter then you're already aware that she has an A+ sense of humor.

    The pop queen reminded the world of that, once again, after a video circulated of her tripping and falling off the stage at a recent show in Tampa.

    In the video, Ariana accidentally stumbles while strutting down the stage — and, when it came across her feed, she had the most zen response.

    "Things were going too well," she tweeted, along with the clip.

    oh my. at least i still made the button. i’m crying. things were going too well.

    Ari made a similar joke during the show, after her fall, telling the crowd “Thank you for making me feel loved when I fell earlier. I had to fall. It’s been 87 shows and I haven’t fallen yet, so it had to happen,” per the Tampa Bay Times.

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    Ariana to that fall: "Thank U, Next."

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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