The 21 Struggles Of A Student Newspaper Editor

You don’t get paid enough for this. In fact, you don’t get paid ANYTHING for this.

1. Once upon a time you wanted to be Hildy Johnson and/or Rory Gilmore.

Then you realized actual being on the student newspaper is NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIES and your Cary Grant is nowhere to be found.

2. You dream in AP Style.

That is, the nights when you actually GET to sleep.

3. When your source says they can’t comment until the morning after your deadline.

How convenient for you…

4. This is the stuff of your nightmares.

5. And when you ACTUALLY send a page to the printer with a typo…


6. When your editor asks you to add some more quotes to your story an hour before deadline.

7. Everyone keeps trying to tell you print journalism is dying, but you’re just like:

Fox / Via

8. When copy editors starts messing with your headline.

Comedy Central / Via


10. The amount you know about your co-editors is obscene.

Including, but not limited to, their coffee orders, sleep/wake cycles, preferred pizza toppings, and relationship statuses.

11. When a fight breaks out in the newsroom during editorial and you just stare at your computer screen like.

NBC / Via

12. When you hear other students complaining about pulling one “all-nighter” that only lasted until 2 a.m.

Bitch, please. I haven’t slept in 40 hours and I’m still cranking out headlines like a bo$$. Get on my level.

13. When a reporter doesn’t meet their deadline and tells you they’re sorry but they “just didn’t have time to write this week lol oops sry!”


14. You become immune to criticism.

Oh, look at that, another email from the administration ripping apart my article line by line! Yawn, how’s your Tuesday?

15. When all your friends pursuing business degrees are getting paid summer internships and you’re just sitting here fact-checking for free.

16. When you find out the managing editor and the photo editor are hooking up and you want to tell everyone.

NBC / Via

But your source on this made you SWEAR TO SECRECY and who knows more about not burning a source than a journalist?!

17. Production night, hour 12 in the office.

18. When you’re iPhone decides not to record the killer interview you just did…

Fox / Via

19. …or your computer crashes midway through transcribing a 40 minute interview.

why why why why why

20. When your roommates try to stage an intervention because of the excessive hours you spend in the newsroom.

21. But you know that no one except your co-editors, who stay up all night perfecting photo captions and drinking coffee and PDFing pages with you, will ever understand.

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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