The 21 Struggles Of A Student Newspaper Editor

You don't get paid enough for this. In fact, you don't get paid ANYTHING for this.

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10. The amount you know about your co-editors is obscene.


Including, but not limited to, their coffee orders, sleep/wake cycles, preferred pizza toppings, and relationship statuses.

12. When you hear other students complaining about pulling one "all-nighter" that only lasted until 2 a.m.

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Bitch, please. I haven't slept in 40 hours and I'm still cranking out headlines like a bo$$. Get on my level.

16. When you find out the managing editor and the photo editor are hooking up and you want to tell everyone.

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But your source on this made you SWEAR TO SECRECY and who knows more about not burning a source than a journalist?!

21. But you know that no one except your co-editors, who stay up all night perfecting photo captions and drinking coffee and PDFing pages with you, will ever understand.

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