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    17 Definitive Reasons Luke And Lorelai Deserved A Better Ending On "Gilmore Girls"

    "Oy, with the poodles already."

    1. Because Luke always made sure Lorelai was well-fed.


    Donuts and coffees and burgers, oh my!

    2. Because they wanted the same things out of life.


    Really, they did.

    3. Because Luke can waltz.


    And Lorelai was making this face when he did.


    And this face when she told Rory about it.

    4. Because when they were repainting the diner and crawling around behind the counter you were screaming at the TV, "KISS ALREADY!"


    Sureeee Luke, you just wanted to show her your father's notes on the side of the counter... we'll go with that.

    5. Because a first kiss this perfect should NEVER have to end...


    "Will you just stand still?"

    ...and neither should a first date this perfect, for that matter.

    6. Because Luke was always a pseudo-dad to Rory.


    Bonus points because he's yelling at Christopher here. I mean ChrisDORKpher.

    7. Because they toasted their engagement with chick beer.


    And simultaneously made Zima the most romantic beverage to ever beverage.

    8. Because they did pet names better than any other couple ever.

    9. Because sometimes Lorelai dressed him like this.


    (By the way, that suit? 50 TRILLION percent off.)

    10. Because they understood the benefits of their relationship.

    11. Because Leopold/Loeb or Sid/Nancy were real in all our hearts.



    12. Because they understood that compromise is important in any relationship.

    13. Two words: THE. HOROSCOPE.


    Two more words: EIGHT. YEARS.

    14. Because he built her an ice skating rink...

    15. ...and a Santa Burger...

    16. ...AND A CHUPPAH.


    Never mind the fact that Lorelai was engaged to a man who wasn't him and he was secretly 50 different types of torn up inside.

    17. Because when the show ended, we all felt cheated. But no one moreso than Luke and Lorelai.