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    • marions3

      The awful people on the losing side of history — and demographics, are just getting more awful, desperate, bold and stupid. Unfortunately, they have made some inroads,especially in states with Republican legislatures where they have gerrymandered districts and sown up congress. The rest of us have to make sure they don’t take over the political/lawmaking process. We have to stay organized, united, and fight this b.s. at every turn — even when it means standing up for people who may be “different” than us, and even when it means we have to confront our own prejudices as well.

    • marions3

      I don’t know if the first season of Smash failed because of Rebeck. It failed because of whomever it was that had the bright idea of hiring Katherine McPhee, and then pushing forward with the “Karen isaMagical Star” storyline even when it was clear that McPhee was out of her depth. It failed because of whomever it was that thought up the adoptingaChinese baby storyline for Julia and then just kind of dropped it, and also hired an actor who looked 35 to play her teenaged son. It failed foralot of reasons which might have been Rebeck’s fault or might have been the fault of someone else oralot of people.  This season, at least some attempt was made to reboot and “fix” last year’s mistakes. There have even been some humorous self-referencing meta-shout-outs. But its mostly been too little too late, and there have been new mistakes andaless forgiving audience. No matter what though, “Julia” is truly awful — selfish, narcissistic, neurotic — an absolute pain in the ass. There are hints (the scarves) that they’ve based the character on Rebeck. No matter what mistakes she made, for this she should sue.

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