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Here's How To Throw The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Party

All you need for a true Westerosi viewing party.

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With the Season 7 finale right around the corner, we decided to help you plan the perfect Game of Thrones viewing party. It's got everything you need: killer food, lots of booze (and a drinking game), and plenty of bad puns.

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For these, you only need your favorite cookie recipe (ours is a yummy honey shortbread) or store-bought dough, and a set of cookie cutters (which you can get here.)

Not only are they fun and cute, but you can also use them to find out if your guests are Starks or Lannisters, or belong in another house. Just fill a cookie jar with them, blindfold your guests, and ask them to pick a cookie. The house sigil they pick will be the house they belong in.

Full recipe: House Sigils Cookies

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Ramsay Bolton did some truly evil things on the show, but his actions also inspired this tasty recipe, and for that we should be thankful. Rather than your usual pigs in a blanket, we decided to use bratwursts to really pay tribute to Theon's favorite attribute.

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These are much smaller than actual dragon eggs but also probably way tastier. To get the marbled effect on the egg, just hard-boil the eggs, crack the shells a bit, put each egg in a Ziploc bag with a few drops of food coloring (we picked teal). Then massage and let them sit. Rinse, peel, and voilà!

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A cruel one for the Starks. Don't hate us, we didn't write the story.

This is actually a pretty classic sangria, we just got rid of the fruits before serving and used Lambrusco (a sparkling red wine) instead of classic red wine. We added some skull ice cubes (which you can get here) to really fit with the gloomy theme.

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As far as I know, no one eats muffins on the show, so the idea behind this one is really just a wonderfully terrible pun. Filled with gooey cheese and garlic butter, these savory muffins would totally be worth a trip to the Wall though.

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The heads are filled with lemon cake as an homage to Sansa Stark's favorite treat. You can go the from-scratch route, or just sub in any cake mix and store-bought frosting.

Also, not gonna lie: Drawing on these babies requires some skills if you want them to look really good. We asked an artsy coworker to help draw the faces. But even if you're not a pro, you can get a fun result with a steady hand and little bit of dedication.

Full recipe: Beheaded Starks Cake Pops

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This recipe is inspired by the honeyed chicken served during the feast at Winterfell in the first book of the series. Rather than roast a whole chicken, we decided to make some party-friendly chicken fingers.

Breaded with a mix of corn flakes and panko, fried, and then coated with a light honey glaze, these chicken fingers are so good they'd bring peace to the Seven Kingdoms.

Full recipe: Little Chicken Fingers

To make the shots tastier, we used ginger ale instead of water as well as lemon-flavored vodka. We topped them with green-colored sugar for serving. Beware: Once you taste one of these, you'll have a hard time not chugging them all.

Full recipe: Wildfire Jello Shots

And get those house sigil coasters here.

You're now ready to host the best Game of Thrones viewing party in recent history.

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And if you want this Stark banner, you can get it here (along with some other house banners if you're not a Stark fan for some fucked-up reason).

If you need even more Game of Thrones-related cocktail ideas, check out this post.

Photos by Taylor Miller and graphics by Ellie Sunakawa.

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