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Here's How To Make The Best Pigs In A Blanket You'll Ever Eat

This recipe was cooked up for a Game of Thrones viewing party. Check out the full plan here.

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For our Game of Thrones viewing party, we decided to pay tribute to Theon Greyjoy's favorite toy.

Long gone, but never forgotten.
Taylor Miller / Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

Long gone, but never forgotten.

Theon's Favorite Toy in a Blanket

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Makes 4 pigs in a blanket


4 bratwursts

2 ready-to-bake puff pastry sheets

4 slices of cheddar

1 egg for egg wash

Sesame seeds

Poppy seeds

Kosher salt, to taste


Preheat oven to 400°F.

Sear the bratwursts in a pan until brown on both sides.

Divide the puff pastry sheet in half. Place a slice of cheddar in the middle of each sheet and place a bratwurst on top.

Wet the edges of the pastry with a little bit of water and fold each sheet onto itself to wrap the sausages. Seal with a fork. Brush each pocket with egg wash and sprinkle with sesame and poppy seeds, and a bit of salt.

Bake for 15–20 minutes until golden brown. Serve while still warm.

For more recipes, find the rest of our Game of Thrones viewing party plan here.

Ellie Sunakawa / Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

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