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17 Pictures That Prove Indonesia Is Actually The Craziest

Forget about Australia — Indonesia has actual dragons! You can't beat that.

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1. In Indonesia, this is a spa treatment.

Romeo Gacad / Getty Images

2. Seriously.

Romeo Gacad / Getty Images

3. Also, this happened:

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

4. And this:

Robertus Pudyanto / Getty Images

5. You know, just a kid chillin' with his python.

6. Because Indonesia is home to lots of pythons.

7. Huge pythons!

8. Also: flying snakes!

9. And this is just another way to kill time.

10. Indonesia also has massive spiders.

11. Like this one, EATING A LIZARD.

12. And sharks!

This kid even swims with them, because why not?
James Morgan / / Facebook: jamesmorganfoto / @jamesmorganfoto

This kid even swims with them, because why not?

13. But most importantly, Indonesia has dragons.

Biophilia_curiosus / Via

14. Flying dragons!

15. And Komodo dragons.


16. Here it is, walking.

17. And this is what it looks like when it's hungry.

So yeah, Indonesia is the craziest.

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