37 Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Craziest

Let’s count the ways Australia is trying to kill all the Australians.

1. Pythons eating everything.

Snake + flying fox = monstrous.

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2. Pythons so big they can lift wallabies.

ID: 2464756

3. Pythons on the loose in op shops.

ID: 2674772

4. Snakes on the loose inside toilets.

ID: 2464805

5. Snakes eating goannas.

ID: 2674815

6. Snakes on golf courses.

ID: 2674810

7. Snakes on planes.

Robert Weber / Reuters

Passengers on a flight from Australia to Papua New Guinea were shocked to look out their cabin windows to find a 3-metre snake on the wing of the plane.

ID: 2674743

8. Flying foxes generally.

Catching diseases directly from flying foxes is extremely unlikely. However they are known as hosts to two life-threatening viruses. Source: outbreak.gov.au

ID: 2674726

9. Dingoes eating sharks.

ID: 2464739

10. Sharks eating golfers.

Sky News

Well, threatening to.

ID: 2673979

11. Great white sharks surfing.

ID: 2673983

12. Crocodiles surfing.

Sharon Scoble / Via abc.net.au
ID: 2549759

13. Crocodiles in swimming enclosures.

Courier Mail / Via imgur.com
ID: 2556875

14. Crocodiles in creeks.

ID: 2563000

15. Crocodiles in the street.

ID: 2563070

16. Crocodiles EATEN by snakes.

Tiffany Corlis / Via ABC Queensland
ID: 2674791

17. Just goddamn MASSIVE crocs.

Michael Franchi / Rex USA
ID: 2674013

18. Paralysis ticks. Before and after feeding.

Murdoch University / Via media.murdoch.edu.au
ID: 2464745

19. Spiders. Lots of spiders.

Daniel Munoz / Reuters
ID: 2464828

20. Bucket full of funnel web spiders collected from a Blue Mountains campsite. Each one can deliver a fatal bite.

ID: 2549671

21. Beetles. Swarming soldier beetles.

This plague is worse than it looks, unless you’re another insect. Source: CSIRO

ID: 2464793

22. Flies. Lots of flies.

ID: 2464741

23. Plagues of millipedes.

Every winter accidentally introduced black Portuguese millipedes go crazy in Western Australia. Source: howtoaustralia.com.au

ID: 2464848

24. Giant earthworms. OK, not dangerous, but BLEUGH!

ID: 2464750

25. Mole crickets. Nature gone horribly WRONG.

ID: 2464820

26. Giant venomous centipedes.

Giant centipedes may bite if disturbed or handled, the bite may cause severe pain that can persist for days. Source: Australian Museum

ID: 2464834

Giant centipedes that kill snakes?! Oh Australia!

ID: 2674782

27. Giant, pissed-off cassowaries.

ID: 2673993

28. Mysterious giant jellyfish.

Richard Lim / Via abc.net.au
ID: 2464730

29. Irukandji jellyfish. Perhaps the most dangerous creature in Australia, despite being no bigger than a thumbnail.

Irukandji venom is 100 times as potent as that of a cobra and 1,000 times as potent as that of a tarantula. Source: themorningbulletin.com.au

ID: 2464761

30. Box jellyfish are not something you want to be stung by either.

ID: 2673987

31. Blue-ringed octopus are the only species of octopus fatal to humans.

No antivenom is available, making them one of the deadliest inhabitants in Australia’s ocean. Source: toxinology.com

ID: 2674008

32. Predatory marble cone snail stings can cause respiratory muscle paralysis leading to death.

University of Melbourne / Via unimelb.edu.au

The most venomous of the 500 known cone snail species, several human deaths have been attributed to them. Their venom is delivered via a harpoonlike tooth propelled from an extendable proboscis. Source: National Geographic

ID: 2674002

33. Danger! Stonefish, Earth’s most venomous fish.

ID: 2674020

34. Extremely well-camouflaged stonefish look like an encrusted rock or lump of coral.

The reef stonefish has spines in the dorsal fin which can inject a highly toxic venom that can causes intense pain and can lead to death. Source: Australian Museum

ID: 2674997

35. Also, the sting is not a good look.

ID: 2674021

36. Watch the skies! The hail can kill.

ID: 2464734

37. Even bloody freshwater swim holes can be dangerous!

Amoebic meningitis is rare and highly lethal, with a less than 3% survival rate. DO NOT GO IN THE WATER. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

ID: 2464719

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