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    These 12 Things Will Improve Your Life In All Areas In The New Year

    New year, new...nope, I won't say it. You know what I mean.

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    Ah, the New Year. Never fails to get us all ambitious and whatnot about our futures.


    You go, you break those bad habits, you good thing.

    Preparation is the best plan for success β€” or so I'm told, I would have no clue β€” so here are 12 things that will help you kick those habits that have been holding you back from living your best life.

    1. This Fitbit Charge 2, which will motivate you to exercise and sleep better than you currently are.


    Use this slimmest of all Fitbit designs to keep track of your heart rate and to better monitor your calorie burn, depending on chosen 'zones': Fat Burn, Cardio or Peak. No need to worry about having to hold your phone on the run β€” call, text and calendar alerts are sent straight to your wrist. Plus, this little gadget is useful outside of workouts, with auto sleep tracking ensuring you get your optimum eight hours.

    Buy for $227.03 from Amazon Australia.

    2. This minimalist planner, which will help you finally put thoughts to paper, paper to actions.


    This brilliant, leather-like, softcover planner offers ultimate customisation, with undated pages and undefined sections. Instead, use a wide range of stickers β€” dates, to-do lists, "focus", "deadline" β€” to outline and highlight your plans, from financial planning to career orientation.

    Buy for $29.99 from Amazon Australia.

    3. These PUMA Muse Satin II sneakers, which will encourage you to move more every day.


    A heel-enthusiast myself, I can admit my choice of footwear has an impact on how often I'm inclined to walk out the door and around the block on my lunch break. If your work place is the kind to allow casual footwear, may I suggest these absolutely delicious lilac sneakers? Featuring a satin-like upper, thick elastic straps across the midsole and suede detail to the tongue, it's only the most attractive encouragement to move I've ever laid eyes on.

    Buy from $120 from Amazon Australia.

    4. This Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Electric Toothbrush, which will make sure you improve your dental health and impress your dentist this year.


    Maybe you're time-poor and always do a half-assed job of brushing your teeth. Whatever the reason, you've been looking to up your dental health game and this is a good place to start. This electric toothbrush β€” designed with the guidance of actual dentists β€” removes more plaque than your average toothbrush by surrounding each individual tooth with fast-moving bristles.

    Buy for $18.95 from Amazon Australia.

    5. This pair of five kilo dumbbells, because you know you've been meaning to add some weights to your cardio.


    Surround yourself with physical representations of your goals...or something or other. One way or another, it can't hurt to have these cast iron dumbbells around if you've been toying with the idea of investing more into your health this year. Use them while in front of the TV or wherever people work out (I haven't the foggiest).

    Buy the pair for $40 from Amazon Australia.

    6. These stunning Hawkers Dark Fairfax sunnies, because you know your optometrist would prefer you not squinting in direct sunlight.

    I included these sunnies in a round-up of my favourite things, I love them that much. Not only do they offer protection from UV rays, but their versatile round lenses are held by subtle cat-eye frames that will go with every and any outfit your pair them with.

    Buy for $42.60 from Amazon Australia.

    7. This reusable glass coffee cup, because I know you plan to be more eco-conscious in the New Year.


    If you're like me, you're on a first-name basis with your local barista, meaning the rate you've gone through single-use coffee cups is less than ideal. Use this large, glass (no warping the taste of your drink!) coffee cup with cork grip and silicone lid to minimise your negative impact on Mother Earth.

    Buy for $16.99 from Amazon Australia.

    8. This mani-pedi travel set, because you're determined to do a better job grooming yourself next decade.


    Look, I don't judge. I know many a nail-biter. But this next decade we're aspiring to be our best selves and that means using appropriate grooming tools. This set includes not only all the tools necessary for well-groomed hands, but also face and toes.

    Buy for $10.99 from Amazon Australia.

    9. These bamboo-spandex bend undies, because you've been meaning to declutter your closet and your hole-ridden jocks definitely count.


    More and more brands are making the move to bamboo-blend underwear. Like cotton, it's a natural fibre, but arguably softer, which means alleviating the dreaded chafing sensation. These particular undies boast a four-way stretch that's unique to a bamboo-spandex weave β€” less chance of holes.

    Buy four pairs for $29 from Amazon Australia.

    10. This brain-teasing block puzzle, because you've been meaning to spend less time on your phone.


    I feel odd offering you this solution when you're probably literally on your phone, reading this, right now. But we all are suffering from technological fatigue and sometime this holiday break, it's probably a good idea to direct your eyes and hands to other activities. This 3D wooden puzzle is recommended for anyone over the age of six years old β€” so yes, you can feel bad about children being able to beat you if you don't complete this.

    Buy for $18.62 from Amazon Australia.

    11. This Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Sunscreen Lotion, because this is the year you properly take care of your skin.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    If you've reached the end of your sunscreen lotion and are looking for an alternative to that primary-school-swimming-carnival scent, do I have the thing for you. Hawaiian Tropic products feature a lightweight moisturising formula (none of that cakey feeling!) and best of all β€” they smell divine.

    This one is called the Duo Defence Lotion and it's my favourite. It has your essential layer of protection against UV rays, but also an anti-pollution layer, designed to prevent premature ageing effects from sun and pollution. New Year's resolution for better skin, sorted.

    Buy for $8.75 from Amazon Australia.

    12. And finally, this Echo Dot smart speaker, because you want to be more informed about world events but aren't sure how to make the time.


    You can do all the things with the Echo Dot. Play music, broadcast messages to other rooms in the house, make calls and send messages β€” but also, stay informed about ongoings in the world whilst you brush your teeth or make your breakfast. Ask Alexa about the weather and latest news updates, it'll be part of your everyday routine in no time.

    Buy for $36 from Amazon Australia.

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