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If You're Raising Offspring And Working From 9-5, These 11 Buys Are For You

Women can have it all. There, I said it.

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I’ve had a bunch of babies and in-between said birth-giving, I’ve gone back to work.

No two ways about it though — if you're about to return to work for the first time since having children, it can be hard.

Whether you're returning to work after a few months or a few years, here are some items I hope will make the transition easier:

First up, five products for mamas who've chosen to breastfeed.

1. Breast pads, so you don't seep through your shirt during a meeting.

2. Breastfeeding-friendly tops that ~work~ seamlessly into your 9-5 rotation.

3. A compact and portable electric breast pump that doesn't loudly alert everyone in the office to what you're doing.

4. A work-friendly baby bag to properly store your precious cargo.

5. A working mum memoir to motivate you when you're doubting your ability to have it all.

Next up, mothers with school-aged children.

6. Foldable shoes, because there's nothing quite like stacking it in heels during the morning school drop-off.

7. A sleek umbrella that won't clash with your power suit, and will fit you and the offspring.

8. A reusable coffee cup that will stand out from the many others cluttering the office kitchen counter.

9. Dry shampoo, because if you didn't have time to shower before, you certainly don't now.

10. An attractive picture frame to show off the paintings your children are bringing home from school.

11. This beautifully-illustrated hardback picture book that lets your children know where you go, while also creating an opportunity to bond.

And that's it. Go get 'em, Mama.