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    17 Pieces Of Home Decor That Will Transform Your Self-Isolation Quarters Into A Welcome Oasis

    If I'm here forever, it might as well look nice.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This levitating moon lamp, that is out of this world.


    3D printing technology was used to make this remarkably accurate reproduction of the moon β€” no longer do you need to squint through your phone's blurry photos to see a full moon up close. Electromagnetic power allows the moon to levitate and spin and radiates a cool to warm light depending on your preference.

    Buy for $119.99 from Amazon Australia.

    2. Or, this levitating light bulb, which might just spark a great idea whenever you turn it on.


    Perfect for that industrial, minimalist feel you've currently got going on at home, this levitating, spinning light bulb is turned on and off with touch.

    Buy for $109.99 from Amazon Australia.

    3. These macrame hangings, for the many plant babies you're now raising on account of having nothing else to do.


    These five different, but complimenting, macrame hangings are perfect for injecting some nature into your surroundings. Handmade with cotton rope and β€” in some cases β€” wooden bead details, gift half to your mates or keep the lot to yourself.

    Buy a five-pack for $48.99 from Amazon Australia.

    4. Otherwise, this artificial Monsteria plant, should you not be blessed with a green thumb, but still want to be surrounded by foliage.


    Should you be the kind to kill every plant you come into contact with (it me), these realistic-looking plants are ideal for turning cold interiors into leafy, green havens. The pot is filled with cement dust (no blowing over in the wind if you put it on your balcony) and its satin-blend leaves make for an authentic appearance. All in all, a decent investment, considering you're guaranteed it'll never die from negligence!

    Buy a set of two for $203.96 from Zanui.

    5. If you're isolating with kids, this canopy is the perfect start to a reading (or napping) corner.


    If your kids need motivation to read, creating a special area that they will want to spend time in can be helpful. Made from a lightweight cotton-blend material, its a playful addition to bedroom and can be moved to hang over a bed when your little one grows up.

    Buy for $41.99 from Amazon Australia.

    6. Plus, ths plush play mat, which is so much more soothing to the eye than that garish thing your aunty gave you at your baby shower.


    It's funny β€” you carefully decorate every inch of your home, then baby comes along and with them, an explosion of bright, noisy stuff. This lovely, beautifully-illustrated play mat is made of cotton (soft on baby skin!) and comes in 10 different animal designs.

    Buy for $43.99 from Amazon Australia.

    7. These adorable sculptural pots that will look even more darling with Devil's Ivy pouring out of them.


    These quirky planters are made from concrete, so you know they'll be around for a lifetime. Place your favourite house plants atop their heads β€” whether it be a vine or cactus β€” or leave as is, to be used as sculptures or bookends.

    Buy a set of two for $16.76 from Zanui.

    8. This pom pom blanket, which proves you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort.


    Made of pure cotton, this hypoallergenic blanket will keep you cosy (but not sweaty!) when over your shoulders and look good as a throw when over your furniture. Plus, those oversized pom poms are seriously adorable, no?

    Buy for $25.99 from Amazon Australia (available in three sizes and three colours).

    9. Or, if you're looking for something more subtle, these pom pom cushion covers work a (sweet) treat.


    Over 3,200 people have given these velvet cushion covers five-star ratings β€” that's a lot of people with well-styled couches. These are the standard 20"x20", but you can get them in five other sizes (both smaller and larger) and 14 different colours β€” so you'll definitely be able to find the cushion to suit your aesthetic, whatever it is.

    Buy two for $25.99 from Amazon Australia (available in 14 colours).

    10. This sandstone arch bookend, which is function and art in one.


    Gone are the days of merely functional, plain bookends β€” we want sculptural bookends that compliment our style or nothing. Enter this Art Deco-inspired, sandstone bookend. Featuring the natural texture and pattern of stone, its minimalist arch shape is a beautiful contrast to the straight lines of the books it'll be propping up.

    Buy for $20 from Target.

    11. This kraken-inspired shower curtain, which will save your floors from a tidal wave of water β€” while showing a pretty depiction of one.


    This polyester curtain is mould and mildew resistant and comes with plastic hooks for quick and easy installation. Personally, I love the drama and ink-inspired look of this particular design β€” but should the creature from the deep do little for your personal style, this curtain comes in 29 other designs.

    Buy for $55.43 from Amazon Australia.

    12. These photo clip string lights, which illuminate your favourite memories whenever you turn them on.


    Three or six metres of lights, with tiny clips at equal intervals, this is a sweet and whimsical way of displaying your favourite photos, postcards and other paper mementos. It requires a couple of AA batteries to operate (easy, considering those always coming in packs of about a million) and can be used indoors or outdoors in a covered area.

    Buy 20 LED lights for $19.99 or 40 LED lights for $26.99 from Amazon Australia.

    13. This decorative window film, that will not only give you added privacy (and looks really pretty!), but also blocks out 96% of UV rays.


    Almost 3,800 people have given this film five-star reviews, so you know you'll be happy with this fun addition to your home. Sunlight turns the mosaic pattern into a kaleidoscope of colour, but the film also acts a barrier between you and harmful UV rays.

    Buy for $14.99+ from Amazon Australia.

    14. This tufted wall hanging, for when you want to decorate your walls but are scared of colour.


    If minimalist design is your vibe, but your room ends up looking, well, flat, then this is the piece of decor for you. Cotton has been woven into a geometric design, with varying hues of white and eggshell, making for a sweet and neutral artwork that will add much-needed texture to any plain wall.

    Buy for $5(!) from Target.

    15. This self-adhesive marble-look vinyl, that will make any old counter or accessory look that much more expensive.


    I dropped an embarrassing amount of money for my stone countertops β€” and honestly, in addition to being much cheaper, this vinyl contact paper looks just as good. It is oil-proof and bubble-free β€” and at 44.5 x 200cm, is enough for most kitchens.

    Buy for $13.99 from Amazon Australia.

    16. This mandala door mat, which is like a little bit of sunshine on your way out for your daily walk.


    This door mat is vinyl-backed (so it won't blow away with the wind) and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Honestly, it makes me happy just looking at it and I can't think of a better way to start the day, can you?

    Buy for $10 from Target.

    17. And finally, this floating shelf, because books are beautiful, in and out, and deserve to be seen.


    The mounting is hidden once a stack of books are added to it, giving the illusion that the books are floating. Now you can have books anywhere and everywhere in your house, just like it was always meant to be. Don't love the silver? It also comes in white.

    Buy for $18.89 from Amazon Australia.

    Me, wondering if I'll leave my house ever again.

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    Probs not.

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