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    Here Are The 17 Things BuzzFeed Oz Readers Bought Most This Month From Amazon Australia

    Face clay that sucks gunk out of your pores, a drain snake cleaner β€” it's all here.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This drain snake that will unclog the hair that has been building up since you've been sprouting follicles on top of your head.


    If I'm honest, I can't look at this photo without gagging a touch. I imagine doing the job itself would be much the same, but it needs to be done, so might as well get it over and done with faster, right? There are two different lengths to choose from, 50cm and 60cm, so no matter how far down you've managed to shove your hair, the tiny claws along its length will be able to pull it all out in one go.

    Buy a pack of four for $7.99 from Amazon Australia.

    2. These blemish patches, which protects your acne from bacteria as it heals.


    These patches are made of hydrocolloid, a wound-healing material that protects against bacteria. Ultra-thin and complete with a matte finish, they can be worn on top of inflamed and acne-prone skin, and under foundation (!). A few hours later, your zits will have shrunk noticeably. No wonder people are buying these in bulk.

    Buy a pack of 18 patches for $5.90 from Amazon Australia.

    3. This pet hair roller, which also comes with a complimentary grooming glove.


    You guys sure love your fur babies. Another month, yet another lot of pet grooming tools being sold. But honestly, for this price, why wouldn't you? Minimise the fur being shed around the place with this roller and grooming glove β€” which also works as a massage for your pet when in use!

    Buy for $9.49 from Amazon Australia.

    4. This, The High Performance Planner, which is based on the world's largest study of how high performers get shit done.


    The High Performance Planner has morning mindset journal prompts, daily goal boxes, evening scorecards, weekly habit assessments, monthly project planning and holistic life balance sheets, all with the intention of increasing your productivity and reaching personal and professional goals. You ambitious lot, you.

    Buy for $28.54 from Amazon Australia.

    5. This Aztec Healing Clay, which deep cleanses your pores for your most glorious face yet.


    This clay basically has its own cult following of thousands, so it's no wonder it always makes our monthly bestsellers list. Just mix a bit of powder with some apple cider vinegar, lather it on and extract every last bit of gunk from your pores.

    Check out some brilliant before and after photos here.

    Buy for $23.99 from Amazon Australia.

    6. This electric pedicure hard skin remover, which will save you all the monies you usually blow at the salon.


    Without going too much into it β€” because, feet β€” my electric pedicure roller is one of the best things currently living in my bathroom. Interchangeable heads ensure your feet are like new, no matter their condition, whether they need just light maintenance or you need to remove big, ugly callouses. We're a thong-loving bunch, so there's no reason not to own this beauty of a tool.

    Buy for $18.59 from Amazon Australia.

    7. This time-marked water bottle, because we all need help keeping track with our hydration goals.


    You know how it is. You swear you're going to change your ways, drink the recommended two litres of water β€” then it's 5 p.m. and you've only had a can of coke and two coffees. This litre water bottle indicates times throughout the day, so that you can turn drinking water into a habit. The bottle also tells you why you should be drinking water β€” which will hopefully guilt you into prioritising hydration.

    Buy for $28.99 from Amazon Australia.

    8. This magnetic phone holder for your car, so you never have to worry about pesky phone cradles ever again.


    A super-hold, heat-resistant adhesive attaches the phone dock to your dashboard and the strongest of magnets secures your phone to the holder β€” no need to worry about it ever falling mid-trip. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can rotate your phone every which way, giving you the perfect field of vision every time.

    Buy for $17.52 from Amazon Australia.

    9. This cast iron skillet that will make stove-to-oven cooking so much easier.

    Fresh Australian Kitchen

    Cast iron skillets are the preferred pans of many professional chefs, due to the even distribution of heat across the entire surface and unparalleled heat retention. This one can double as a baking dish due to its two handles and features lips on either side for easy pouring.

    If you're looking for inspiration on what you can make with your cast iron skillet, here are 21 recipes you can start with.

    Buy for $49.99 from Amazon Australia.

    10. This deodorising drain stick, which will kill the gross matter clinging to the sides of your pipes.


    These strips deodorise your drains, but they also break down organic matter and grease that cling to the sides of your pipes. That's a whole lot of people saying farewell to gross-smelling sinks.

    Buy a pack of 12 for $12.99 from Amazon Australia.

    11. This gel mould and mildew remover that does all the dirty work in the shower you've been avoiding.


    I love me a quick fix and evidently, you guys do, too. This highly concentrated (wear gloves!), mould and mildew remover is effective and requires very little effort. Simply squeeze gel along the grout you want to revive, leave for five to six hours, then wash off with running water. Much cheaper than renovating the bathroom, really.

    Buy for $21.99 from Amazon Australia.

    12. This teeth whitening charcoal powder, which you can use to reverse the damage you've done by downing red wines every night.


    Sure, you might look terrifying while brushing, but after a single month your teeth will look infinitely better. This all-natural coconut charcoal powder does more than whiten β€” it promotes healthy gums, protects enamel and reduces plaque.

    Buy for $10.95 from Amazon Australia.

    13. These hyaluronic acid and coconut water infused Garnier eye tissue masks that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and hydrate your skin β€” perfect for after a particularly wild night.

    @garnierau / Via

    Promising Review: "I love these pillows of self care, that have a small amount of hyaluronic acid in them which helps alleviate puffiness. They also apparently contain orange juice for reasons unknown, but it sounds delicious. I pop these in the fridge and whack them on for 15 minutes in the morning, or at night before bed. Did I mention they are super cheap? Hence why they are always low in stock, so I get some every week."

    β€”Jenna Clarke

    14. These face masks, as Australia continues to face this devastating bushfire season.


    This reusable face mask can be adjusted at the nose for a tailored fit to any face it's put on. Unlike other face masks that use an elastic strap around the head β€” only to slip and fall β€” this particular model uses ear loops for a sturdy hold. Filters are easily replaced β€” this one comes with six spares ones.

    Buy for $55.95 from Amazon Australia.

    15. These Windsor Smith Mary Block Heel Boots, which were certainly made for walking in all day, every day.


    A short, little Asian lady myself, I live in my heels and my feet suffer the consequences for it. Finally, a boot I can walk in all day. These genuine leather boots with an 8cm block heel will shape to your foot as they age β€” and in three different stains, can be counted on to suit every style.

    Buy from $23.87 from Amazon Australia.

    16. This foam dispenser, that will not only save you dosh on soap, but also rid you of ugly, disposable bottles.


    Get you one of these. It's not only more attractive than the disposable soap dispensers you've been using, but better for the environment, too. Plus, turning your soap liquid into foam means a smaller dosage with each pump β€” which will save you money in the long run. This particular model comes in nine different finishes, including chrome-look, brass-look and the pictured bronze-look.

    Buy for $8.91 from Amazon Australia.

    17. And finally, these Badgley Mischka Royal Heels β€” because if royal blue, bejewelled heels are good enough for Carrie Bradshaw's wedding day, they're good enough for me.

    @badgleymischka / Via, Amazon

    Though your marriage isn't doomed if you don't wear something blue on your wedding day (here's hoping, because I totally forgot), you might consider these ICONIC Badgley Mischka satin heels for your big day.

    Peep-toe design (because you spent enough on your pedicure and should probably show it off), royal blue satin and a spiralling, bejewelled feature to the heel β€” they're the perfect accent to any wedding dress. Love the design but not the colour? It also comes in African Violet, Black and Ivory.

    Buy from $41.62 from Amazon Australia.

    You guys, to everything on this list.

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