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    21 Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime This Easter Weekend

    Don't mind me, just busy making a human-shaped dent in the couch.

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    Once upon a time, the Easter weekend was a glorious four days of galavanting on beaches, BBQ lunches with the family and all sorts of joyous gatherings.


    I can almost taste my mother-in-law's juicy roast chicken now.

    And although we're all stuck inside, never fear — Amazon Prime Video has many a film to keep the boredom at bay.

    Warner Bros.

    From iconic award-winners to cult indie darlings and a few fun ones, there's something for everyone.

    Here are 21 movies to watch while eating your frozen dinner this Easter.

    1. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    Marvel / Disney

    This brilliant film won the Oscar for Best Animated Film last year and honestly, was anyone surprised? The story of Miles Morales, a teen who gains superpowers after a spider bite (you know how it goes), meets alternate versions of Spiderman, who then band together to save the multiverse. Even after so many movie adaptations of this comic series, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse feels brand new and exciting.

    2. Then, Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Marvel / DIsney

    Everyone has a favourite Spider-Man, and not going to lie, I was adamant there would never be one as good as Maguire — but Tom Holland is just so damn awkward and loveable, how can you not enjoy his portrayal of Peter Parker? For the first time in this particular series, we leave New York — so naturally, wanderlust eye candy everywhere (and aren't we all craving a bit of that now?). Jake Gyllenhaal also stars as Parker's new ally, Mysterio...and that's all I'll say on that.

    3. Rocketman

    Working Title Films

    I see Elton John, I come running. If your childhood was anything like mine, Elton was always playing in the background and honestly, is that not reason enough to watch this biopic? Throw in a brilliant performance from Taron Egerton (that John himself said was "extraordinary"), an uplifting story arc and a unique insight into one of the most prolific entertainers of all time — you get the perfect weekend viewing.

    4. Inglourious Basterds

    Universal Pictures

    The best of all of Tarantino's film (that's right, I said it), it follows two separate plans to assassinate Hitler and other senior Nazis. Like everything Tarantino touches, its brutal in its violence, full of unexpected humour (Brad Pitt imitating the Italian accent, omg) and will just generally make you in awe of Tarantino's creativity.

    5. Then, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    Columbia Pictures

    One of this year's Best Picture nominees, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood follows a Hollywood actor whose star is in decline (DiCaprio, who I assume, had to flex his acting chops hard for this role) and his stunt double (Pitt), living beside Sharon Tate (forever girl crush, Margot Robbie) and her husband, Roman Polanski. It feels and looks different from Tarantino's other films and for that reason, definitely one to add to your watch list.

    6. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

    Seven Bucks Productions

    I just searched how many full-length movies there are in the Fast & Furious franchise and the answer is nine. Whether you've been there from the beginning or are just now wanting to know what the fuss is about, the latest in the series is a good place to start. The Rock and Jason Statham bring back their beloved, tough guy characters from previous films to take on a cybernetically-enhanced Idris Elba, intent on destroying the world.

    TL;DR The Rock, Jason Statham and Idris Elba throw a lot of punches and there are explosions galore. You'll want to watch this.

    7. Memento

    Newmarket Films

    I watched this for the first time only a week ago and damn. You just know that every art student at the start of this century loved this movie. A psychological thriller, it follows the story of a man (played by Aussie, Guy Pearce) with a condition that causes his memory to be wiped every 15 minutes or so. He uses polaroids, notes and tattoos to remind him of absolute truths while on a search for the man who raped and killed his wife.

    8. Then, The Dark Knight

    Warner Bros.

    Another movie starring Aussie talent — I know technically Christian Bale is the lead, but we're all looking at Heath when he's on screen, ammirite? — The Dark Knight is one of the most spectacular films ever, full stop. From its complete reimagining of the comic book genre, to Ledger's breath-taking transformation as Gotham's most menacing and chaotic villain, the immensely engaging writing, the cinematography...I could go on, but I'll just let you rediscover yourself.

    9. Catch Me If You Can

    DreamWorks Pictures

    This film brought together two of my very favourite actors (let's face it — two of everyone's favourite actors), Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. They could've starred in anything and I probably would've rated it — but they starred in this, a true story about a young con man whose activities were worth millions (all before he turned 19!) and the FBI agent tasked with tracking him down. A modern classic.

    10. Mission: Impossible — Fallout

    Bad Robot Productions

    Before a new Mission Impossible movie comes out, I always look out for reports about what Tom Cruise has put his body through this time. For Ghost Protocol, he hung out the side of the Burj Khalifa, for goodness sakes. This time is no different, a story about lead, Ethan Hunt, trying to avoid plutonium cores falling into the wrong hands. It has everything from him falling out of an airplane, then a helicopter, then off a cliff — and because it's Cruise, none of it is green screen.

    11. Then, Hot Fuzz

    Working Title Films

    Mission: Impossible star, Simon Pegg, is probably best know for the Three Cornetto trilogy, which he both starred in and co-wrote. The second in the series, it's this delicious (pun intended) comedy of an over-achieving cop and his rookie partner, who are transferred from London to a small, idyllic town...and without giving too much away, shit goes down, obviously. Absolutely everyone I know, who has watched this movie, has loved it.

    12. Bridesmaids

    Universal Pictures

    Is there a more quotable movie? I think not. I've watched Bridesmaids more times that I care to admit. Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne...I could keep going, I swear this movie is just filled, top to bottom, with comedic genius. Plus, it centres around a well-meaning mess of a person trying to navigate a tough patch in her life, while her best friend prepares to get married...and I swear, have we not all felt that deeply at one time or another?

    13. Eighth Grade


    I watched this movie, then instantly looked up the writer and director — only to discover it was by Bo Burnham, the incredibly brilliant and creative comedian (seriously, watch his stuff). Honestly, it had me thrown. Eighth Grade is such a poignant and honest portrayal of that time in a girl's life when who you are and who you want to be can be so far removed from each other. It has been compared to John Hughes' films...I think it's probably even better.

    14. Then, Boyhood

    Cinetic Media

    If you're familiar with director, Richard Linklater (and if you're not, become so immediately), you know he loves nothing more than to experiment with how time contributes to the story of a film. For the iconic Before Sunrise trilogy, he gave nine years between each film — in this, he depicted boyhood by shooting the same cast over 12 years. It's truly remarkable for this feat alone, but as with his other work, it's gentle and sentimental and altogether a welcome viewing if you need a break from polished blockbusters.

    15. The Fighter

    Paramount Pictures

    Everyone likes to discuss Christian Bale's physical transformation from role to role — and yes, he does so here as an emaciated, drug-addicted former professional boxer. But what's truly captivating here is the range of emotion he conveys as the former pride and joy of his family and hometown, now living the shadow of his former glory days. Mark Wahlberg is his younger brother, trying to make his own path forward in boxing. Amy Adams and Melissa Leo (who won an Oscar for her performance) also star and it simply is, in my opinion, a criminally underrated (no offence to over-hyped Rocky) boxing film.

    16. Fantastic Mr. Fox

    20th Century Fox

    I remember first hearing about this movie when it was in production — Wes Anderson, fantastical storyteller extraordinaire, Roald Dahl, my favourite author growing up and this, one of my favourite of his stories. Let me tell you — it does not disappoint. Rarely do we get to see stop motion animation anymore, it's such a treat to see it here — and though based on a book from the '70s, the dry humour and voice acting from George Clooney and Meryl Streep (and Anderson's signature visual styling) makes it feel thoroughly contemporary. Love.

    17. Beautiful Boy

    Plan B Entertainment

    Another perfect actor pairing, Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet play father and son, in a film about addiction, but mostly about the unending love between a parent and their child. Expect to cry a lot in this film — Carrell and Chalamet have made careers about heart-wrenching depictions of characters and this here is no different. Also, as if that weren't enough, this is based on a true story.

    18. Then, Instant Family

    Paramount Pictures

    Just another family comedy, you might say. So I thought, to be honest — then I watched this by chance one night and I've seen it three times since. I can't fully convey the charm of this film in words, only to say it is truly one of the more heartwarming films I've seen in years. Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg star in this film about a couple that undergo the sometimes frustrating, always heartfelt, process of adopting children. There are laughs and lots of sad, then happy tears. Watch immediately.

    19. The Little Prince


    This gorgeous little story has been loved for generations and is now finding a new audience, thanks to this beautiful adaptation. An elderly pilot retells the story of meeting the Little Prince in the middle of the Sahara, and the many stories the little boy recounted, including meeting a selfish but lovely rose and loyal fox. Beautiful animation and countless valuable lessons here — kids and parents will enjoy this.

    20. Monster

    Denver & Delilah Films

    Before crime podcasts were a thing, there was a case that captivated the world's attention unlike any before. Charlize Theron won an Oscar for her portrayal of serial killer and former prostitute, Aileen Wuornos, who supported both herself and her lover with money she took from murdered clients. This film will give you absolute chills for several reasons, mostly because you can't help but sympathise with someone you hope you have nothing in common with.

    21. And lastly, Crazy Rich Asians

    Warner Bros.

    I, an Asian-Australian, watched this movie with two of my friends of Asian descent. I don't mind telling you, we cried seeing faces like ours on-screen. If the significance of seeing Asians in leading roles in a Hollywood movie doesn't apply to you, but you enjoy a fun romantic comedy, I promise, you will still love this film. NYU economics professor, Rachel Chu, goes to Singapore to attend a wedding with her boyfriend — only to find out his family is filthy rich. Family dynamics, West vs. East customs, Awkwafina...this film is everything.

    Happy watching! Do you have favourite movies on Amazon Prime Video I've not mentioned? Leave them in the comments — I need something to do this weekend.

    FYI, you get unlimited video streaming of Emmy-winning shows, Oscar-crowned movies and more on Amazon Prime Video. Grab your first 30 days free here (and who doesn't love a freebie?).