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    31 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Home Feel Bigger Than It Actually Is

    Sometimes living rooms don't need a wall knocked down, just a bigger mirror.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rolling three-shelf cart that's perfect for anyone with a tiny kitchen and non-existent storage. Fill it with pantry items or extra dishes and move it around as needed. It comes in three neutral colors that'll easily blend with your kitchen and look like an extension of it to make it look bigger than it actually is.

    White cart with stand mixer on top and various canisters and kitchen items on shelves

    2. A banana tree and fruit bowl to give your weekly farmer's market haul a new home instead of cluttering your countertops with it. It's also really pretty and will make you want to buy more fruit, and therefore ~eat~ more fruit. That's good logic, right?!

    Bananas and apples in bowl and holder

    3. A three-tier can dispenser so you can finally stop buying chickpeas every week because you can actually see what's in your pantry. If your kitchen storage space is minimal, this can dispenser will be a total game-changer. It'll keep everything visible, easily accessible, and neatly organized at the same time.

    White can dispenser in a kitchen cabinet filled with cans

    4. An industrial-style bookshelf with both open storage and drawers, because it's probably time to get rid of your old Craigslist finds. This stylish shelf doesn't take up a lot of room, looks light and airy to visually expand your space and will make a beautiful addition to any room you use it in!

    Shelf in color "Rustic Oak/White" filled with accessories.

    5. A gold-frame full-length mirror so you can finally get *good* OOTD photos and bounce some light around your room to make it feel more open. Add light and space and check your makeup thanks to this gorgeous leaning mirror.

    Gold mirror in a room with a vase next to it on the floor.

    6. A Parsons desk that's sleek and minimalist so it doesn't take up a ton of room, plus it looks just like the West Elm version, but costs a fraction of the price. Upgrade your workspace from the couch to an actual table you can sit and work at and your productivity will go *way* up.

    White Parsons desk with a laptop and other desk accessories on it.

    7. A four-piece glass canister set with wood lids perfect for storing pretty much everything, from bath products to dry goods in your pantry. Your shelves and countertops will look so much more spacious and streamlined thanks to these containers that look beautiful and keep your stuff organized and accessible.

    Four piece canister set filled with various bath items.

    8. An expandable sink-top drying rack so you no longer have to set aside half of your kitchen counters as a place to dry your dishes. It can hold 10 standard plates, mugs, glasses, you name it, or you can use it to wash and dry your produce after a trip to the grocery store.

    Dish drying rack inside sink with a green pepper, two lemons and tomatoes in it.

    9. A TV wall mount to get your TV off your dresser and onto the wall, exactly where you can enjoy it best. Or if you have no room for a bulky media console but still want a TV in your room, this is your solution.

    TV wall mount holding TV in a living room

    10. A comfy yarn dyed floor pillow so you never again have to sentence your friends to sitting on a cold, hardwood floor for hours on end during movie night. Make your living room look bigger and add additional seating with these floor pillows that are ridiculously comfortable and come in understated-yet-adorable patterns that will easily blend in with most home decor.

    Stack of four floor pillows in different patterns.

    11. A sleek contemporary black nightstand with a single drawer to stash away your sleep mask, nighttime skincare favorites and those emergency midnight snacks. This piece provides functional storage as well as a modern design element for your bedroom all without taking up too much space and cluttering your room.

    Nightstand in a bedroom, shown in color "Black".

    12. A rustic-inspired 6-cube organizer so versatile, you can use it for stylishly organizing your growing crystals collection in the living room, or practical shoe storage in the entryway. Use baskets inside the cubes to hide clutter and always make your home look clean, organized and spacious.

    13. An elegant round glass and gold-toned metal coffee table for a light and airy feel in your living room. Use it to display your favorite coffee table books and magazines, and to give you a place to put your feet up when it's been one of *those* days.

    Coffee table in the gold finish, shown in a living room.

    14. A woven tasseled basket, because can you ever resist anything with tassels?! That's a no for us. This cute basket is a great way to beautify your storage, hold items that make your home feel cramped and cluttered or liven up an empty corner.

    Basket shown holding pillows and a blanket.

    15. A sweet vintage style three tiered stand because you shouldn't have to sacrifice the number of desserts you serve just because you don't have room for 12,234 serving platters. Get this adorable stand from the Pioneer Woman's collection and make your tasty treats look even tastier.

    the cake stand

    16. An upholstered tufted headboard with built-in USB ports so you never again have to get out of bed because your phone is at 1%. If you want to give your bedroom a makeover but don't have the space for a big, bulky bed, a headboard is the way to go — it'll add a beautiful focal point while keeping the bedroom open and visually bigger.

    Headboard shown in color "Charcoal".

    17. A faux leather storage ottoman that serves as a footrest and place to stash clutter at the same time. Multi-purpose pieces like this are invaluable, especially when they cost less than $60 like this beautiful ottoman.

    Brown ottoman with storage inside in a living room

    18. A set of two shelf lamps for another multi-purpose piece of furniture perfect for any small space that could use the optical illusion of being bigger than it actually is. Create a cozy ambience and display your favorite decorative pieces all in this one (actually two, because this is a set) lamp.

    Shelf lamp with decorative items next to an armchair

    19. An acrylic makeup organizer if you're finally ready to deal with the disaster zone that is your bathroom vanity. Throw out those half-empty bottles, clean your brushes and organize everything in this beautiful holder and you'll be like, wow — was my bathroom always this big?!

    Organizer filled with makeup

    20. A rustic-style coat rack with a built-in bench so you can actually see your entryway instead of it being covered with piles of shoes, bags and three coats from two seasons ago. It's a sleek and stylish piece that's practical and affordable, and will make such a difference.

    Coat rack filled with hanging accessories and shoes

    21. A set of two nesting storage tables that'll hold your drink and a bunch of your kids' toys. Use them in your living room so you can actually see that area rug you splurged on and feel like you can breathe better now that all the clutter is put away.

    Two end tables with books, toys and blankets inside them

    22. A wire under-cabinet basket to double your cabinet space without any construction. Use these baskets to hold extra linens in the kitchen or small toiletries in the bathroom, you'll want to add these to every shelf in your home as soon as you discover how much bigger they make every cabinet, closet and shelf.

    23. A six-tier corner shelf so you can utilize that random corner and keep your space nice and open. Stack it with books, display pictures of your furry bff or adorn it with all the plants that have slowly taken over your entire apartment (and then some).

    Corner shelf in a bedroom styles with various accessories

    24. A black Sputnik chandelier because light makes everything look bigger and better, and this fixture looks like you got it from an upscale lighting showroom. Give your space the designer look with this mid-century-style light for a budget price that *no one* will believe. The chandelier is also completely adjustable, so you can decide on its height and shape the arms however you want.

    Black sputnik chandelier shown in a modern living room.

    25. A set of fridge organization containers that will make you wonder why you never had an egg organizer before (how did you live!). Make room in your fridge and easily locate everything these washable, nonslip, multi-size containers.

    Clear containers inside fridge, holding various foods.

    26. A gold bar cart to store and display your favorite glassware, bottles and bar accessories without them taking up a ton of room. If you don't have the space for a wet bar, get this rolling cart and you'll always be happy hour-ready.

    Gold bar cart with two glass shelves, holding a wood tray and various bottles.

    27. An over-the-door shoe organizer to maximize storage and allow you to keep buying more pairs, since you now have a great place to store them all! Eliminate those growing piles of shoes all over the house that make the walls look like they're closing in and give your closet a makeover with this 24-pocket organizer.

    Gray shoe organizer hanging on the inside of a closet door.

    28. A modern lift-top coffee table that has a hidden compartment perfect for holding the remote, books and magazines (and your secret stash of snacks)! Not only do you gain a ton of extra storage, but the adjustable lift top gives you a work surface for those days when working from your couch feels *necessary*.

    Coffee table shown in "espresso" color, with lift top extended.

    29. An over-the-cabinet organizer for hair styling tools that will make your life *so* much easier when you don't have to untangle four different wires every time you want to curl your hair! Make your bathroom vanity feel so much bigger and say goodbye to tangled styling tools and lost hair brushes once and for all.

    Over-the-cabinet organizer holding hair styling products.

    30. A four-tier over-the-toilet shelf to make your teeny-tiny "wait, this is the bathroom?!" feel so much larger. No room for a storage cabinet? No problem. Utilize the space above the toilet and you won't believe how much storage you'll gain for all that extra toilet paper left over from 2020.

    Shelf over the toilet

    31. A set of three floating shelves for chic, minimalist storage that adds a nice decorative touch without cluttering your room. Reviewers say they're easy to install and are great quality for the price, so if you're looking for a cute and space-saving storage solution, look no further.

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