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    30 Things You Didn’t Know About Enhypen

    “I want the power to grant myself one wish, and then I’d wish for 100 wishes”

    Our boys are back and cuter than ever! To celebrate their highly anticipated album Dark Blood, Enhypen sat down with us to answer 30 rapid fire questions as quickly as they possibly could.

    So, who is fanboying over Harry Styles right now? Who is the most competitive? And who tells the best jokes? Tune in below to find out more!

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    The group was shocked to hear that Heeseung would choose the South Korean actor Hwang Jung-min to play him in a movie — but it all made sense when he explained why…

    Heeseung said Hwang Jung-min acts "...very realistically"
    Heeseung says, "I think he'd make a huge effort to get to know and understand me before filming"

    Want more Enhypen? Be sure to listen to Dark Blood, out now.