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    13 Things You Only Get If You Have A Nalgene

    The good, the bad, the having to stop walking just so you can take a sip of water

    1. You love your Nalgene. And you take it everywhere.

    Hey, beautiful.

    2. You have fun together.

    3. Alone or in a group.

    4. Some of your best memories are with your Nalgene.

    5. And ya look good together.

    6. But no relationship is perfect... You have your issues.

    7. Like you can't drink from your Nalgene unless you're perfectly still.

    8. And if you try to drink from your Nalgene in a moving vehicle, this happens:


    9. And when you're hiking, you have to stop, chug your water, and then sprint up the trail to catch up with your friends (who btw have camelbaks and are smug as hell about it).

    Ooo! Look at me! I have a camelbak! I don't need to stop to drink water, because of the camelbak's superior design features!

    10. And even when you try to make it work and buy a sip guard, this happens:

    11. Oh and your Nalgene never fits in cupholders. Ever.

    12. But whatever. Just look at the way your Nalgene catches the morning light!

    13. It's so cool and beautiful that you totally forget about its bizarre lack of functionality.

    Love you, Nalgie.

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