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Signs That You're Not Really Poor, You're Just Rich-Poor

rich-poor — \'rich-pȯr/ — adjective. 1. someone who claims to be "poor" or "broke," but who isn't actually.

What is rich-poor?


rich-poor — \'rich-pȯr/ — adjective.

1. someone who claims to be "poor" or "broke," but who isn't actually struggling to make ends meet.

2. someone who is not poor, because their parents can always bail them out.

Could you provide an example?

Mmmm. Mmm hmmm. Okay, I have some heated opinions about this (which I will express in great detail in the comments section), but until then — how do I know if I'm rich-poor?

1. You say you're poor...

...but your parents still pay your cell phone bill.

2. You say you're poor...

...because you're only making $12.50/hour pursuing your dreams...

...but with your educational background and skill set, you could be making a lot more money right now if you wanted to.

3. You say you're poor...

And that's why you freak out when your roommates use a squirt of your toothpaste...

...but you buy $12 cheese.

4. You say you're poor....

...but you also say, "Treat yo'self!"

5. You tweeted this in the heat of the rich-poor moment.

6. You say you're poor...

...but you've been to SoulCycle.

7. You say you're poor...

...but then you're drunk in a Lyft when you could have walked.

8. You say you're poor...

...but your morning coffee is $5.83.

Have you exhibited one or more of these rich-poor symptoms?

If so, congrats! You're not actually poor, you just wish you had more money.