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Okay, Millennial Parents Need To Chill The Fuck Out

Your parents didn't do any of this stuff!

1. How millennial parents make your lunch:

How your parents made your lunch:

2. How millennial parents plan your sleepover:

Twitter: @cravemythoughts / Via Twitter: @CraveMyThoughts

How your parents planned your sleepover:

Ebay @ gregoryjcl / Via

3. How millennial parents take baby pictures:

I aspire to be this extra as a mom

How your parents took baby pictures:

Reddit: @yenoomk / Via

4. How millennial parents find out the sex of their baby:

How your parents found out the sex of their baby:

reddit: @ killpineapple / Via

5. How millennial parents do family vacations:

How your parents did family vacations:

reddit: @ clairebayleybowen / Via

6. How millennial parents throw their kid a birthday party:

How your parents threw you a birthday party:

Awkward Family Photos / Via

7. How millennial parents take family photos:

How your parents took family photos:

Awkward Family Photos: @Anneka / Via

8. When millennial parents make their kid a Halloween costume:

When your parents made you a Halloween costume:

9. How millennial parents celebrate their kid's academic achievements:

Instagram: @617mikebiv / Via

How your parents celebrated your academic achievements:

10. How millennial parents prank their kids:

New York Post

How your parents pranked you:

11. How millennial parents make Christmas cards:

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How your parents made your Christmas card:

12. How millennial parents make their kids snacks:

Twitter: @tinatbh / Via Twitter: @tinatbh

How your parents made you snacks: