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14 Times The Container Store Went Too Far

Some things just aren't meant to be contained.

1. The Banana Hook

The Container Store / Via

A part of me really wants this, but another part of me says, "Use a bowl! Just use a bowl!"

2. The Guac-Lock

The Container Store / Via

An airtight container made just for your guac and nothing else.

3. The Handbag Raincoat

The Container Store / Via

Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Raincoat.

4. The Secret Neck Pouch

The Container Store / Via

So secret! So pouch!

5. The Monkey Mat

The Container Store / Via

“Exceptionally lightweight, this mat creates the perfect clean, dry surface to sit on whether at the beach, at the park or waiting at the airport.”'s a towel.

6. Tumble Trivets

The Container Store / Via

These are supposed to protect your counter.

7. The Cookie Mover

The Container Store / Via

Lest your cookies intermingle...

8. The Garlic Peeler

The Container Store / Via

"Peel multiple garlic cloves quickly and easily simply by inserting cloves and rolling them within the silicone peeler on worktop to peel garlic."

Is this easier?

9. The Locker Fur Rug

The Container Store / Via

It's a fur rug for your locker. And also, a wake-up call.

10. Lid Lifters

The Container Store / Via

“These petite silicone sheep fit over the lip of your pot to allow space for air to escape and to keep your liquids from boiling over!”

Do the sheep look scared to you?

11. The Perfume Funnel

The Container Store / Via

It's literally just a funnel.

12. The Super Strap

The Container Store. / Via

You can't even tell that she's using one.

13. The Kale Stripper

The Container Store / Via

"Quickly strip the leafy, nutritious parts of greens and herbs for easy food prep."

That name doe.

14. The MomAgenda Weekly Meal Planner Pad

Interesting that there are no weekly planners for dads...

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