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14 Stunning Journals That Will Make You Say, "Why Is Everyone Better Than I Am At Everything?"

Why is everyone better than me at everything?

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4. Instagram journal:

Instagram: @skar

This journal is so edgy and cool and different.


Your journal: WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?!

Instagram: @skauzmann

6. Instagram journal: gorgeous, detailed, breathtaking.

Instagram: @rahmacihuy

9. Instagram journal: we're supposed to include graphs?!

Instagram: @inspirejournaling

10. Instagram journal: okay, well this is just never going to happen for me.

Instagram: @lollalane

11. Instagram journal: this one is also never going to happen for me.

Instagram: @tandemtour

12. Instagram journal: alright. Someone get me a pastel marker. I got work to do.

Instagram: @oh

13. Instagram journal: I should really draw more whales.

Instagram: @thisnerdisbookaholic

14. Instagram journal: is that strawberry cut into a rose?

Instagram: @gajaillustration