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Aug 2014
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    mariahnicolea commented on Come Share Pictures That Show Your Experience Living With PCOS

    It took me over 100 days to get a period and when I finally did it was consistently heavy and lasted 18 days. So many feminine products (which aren’t cheap) i had to buy

    2 years ago

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    mariahnicolea commented on What Do You Wish People Knew About Self-Harm?

    I wasn't doing it for people to notice and my goal wasn't to hurt myself. It became a distraction and an addiction the more lines I cut into my arm the more I was able to get lost in my own head. I had a few people tell me I was faking my depression because I wasn't cutting that deep… 

    3 years ago

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    mariahnicolea commented on What's The Worst Valentine's Day Gift You've Ever Gotten?

    Pizza roses because last year BuzzFeed told my boyfriend that I would just LOVE that.

    4 years ago

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