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You Need To Make Your Pet A Tiny Hat Now

So smol.

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What you need:

*Water balloon


*String (mason line)

*Faux flowers


*Hot glue


*Paint brush

*Mod Podge



Fill a small water balloon with water. You can cut out the bottom of a plastic up with a napkin over it to use as a stand. Paper mache some napkin pieces onto the water balloon using mod podge. Layer on about 3-4 layers. Dry for 4-5 hours.

Carefully peel off the dried paper mache "dome". Alternatively, you can pop the bottom of the balloon to let the water drain.

Fold the rough edges of the bowl in, for an even edge.

Cut out a circle of felt. Cut out a wedge, then hot glue the two sides together for a wide 'cone' shape. Hot glue the paper mache "dome" onto the cone.

Take the string and hot glue it to the base of the dome. Start gluing and winding the string around the dome until it is all wrapped. Cut string.

Use the glue gun's hot tip to melt the stray bits and lumps of glue.

Repeat for brim of the hat.

Glue a ribbon about the dome of the hat. Glue on some decorative flowers.


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