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Stop Everything And Make This Tree Stump Cat Scratch Pad

It... it's so cute.

Give your kitty a little slice of nature with this easy scratch pad.

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What you need:


*Box cutter

*Packing tape

*Cork sheet


*Felt sheet

*Hot glue and glue gun

*Catnip (optional)


Cut about 20-30 of 3.5inch/8.89cm cardboard strips. Roll up the first strip and tape it closed. This is the core.

Make close creases on the subsequent strips to ensure a smooth, circular shape when wrapped around the core. Start taping and wrapping layers until desired width of trunk is reached. Tape off last strip.

Cut a strip of cork sheet the same width as the cardboard. Break off the smooth end for a rough edge. Start breaking the cork off and gluing them one at a time, so that the broken pieces match up giving that 'tree bark' look.

Cut out a circle of felt that fits the bottom of the trunk. Glue it down.

Optional: Rub some catnip into the stump. The felt bottom should catch the catnip and prevent it from spilling everywhere.


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