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Make This Color-Changing Goo And Be Entertained For Days

Netflix? Nah, I'm good.

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You're gonna need a few things.


4 oz school glue, $5.05

1-2 tsp thermochromic pigment, $21.99

5-8 drops food coloring, $3.31

½ cup liquid starch, $12.99


3. Knead with your hands to make sure the mixture combines fully.

BuzzFeed / Nifty

If your slime isn't taking on the consistency you're looking for, read this piece from Fun At Home With Kids to learn how to fix it.

This is a reaction called thermochromism.


When materials like metals or liquids are thermochromic, they change color in reaction to temperature. You've probably seen this when metal turns red in reaction to heat. Learn more at Explain That Stuff.

Watch the full tutorial here.

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