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    21 Things Made Out Of Cold, Hard Cash

    There's a fiscal crisis looming, you say? No bother. These things are LITERALLY made of money.

    1. World's most expensive broom made from hundreds of shredded dollar bills


    Created by Mark Wagner

    2. Matsumoto Castle Replica made from paper currency worth $818,000

    3. "The Mendicant" by Robert Wechsler


    This art installation features a series of sculptural cubes made entirely out of notched interlocking pennies, ranging in date from 1959-2012 and from a variety of specific locations.

    View this video on YouTube

    4. The "Rising Tide" of 90,000 pennies

    ...destroyed for artistic effect.

    5. "One Billion Dollar" — the most expensive piece of art EVER


    This art piece by Michael Marcovici (2009) is literally 10 million $100 bills stacked on wooden crates. According to the website, the piece is meant to prompt contemplation about what one would do with so much money.

    6. The 3,000-coin World Currency Map


    Created in 2009 for the Swedish bank Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag, this map is composed of continent-specific currency.


    7. Money wallpaper at Superstition Saloon


    Tortilla Flats, AZ

    8. Wall, ceiling, and pillar decor at Cabbage Key Inn


    Almost every surface of this restaurant in Pine Island Sound, FL is covered in bills left behind by patrons.

    9. The penny bar at Ford's Garage


    Fort Meyers, FL

    10. A penny kitchen counter

    11. Penny flooring


    How else to make use of the lowly one-center?

    12. The Half-Dollar Butterfly Chair

    13. An unconventional reward for hard work, by Mark Wagner


    An actual raise would undoubtedly be preferred.

    14. The International "Money Dress" by Susan Stockwell


    The "Money Dress" (2010) was created using paper money from across the globe, stitched together to mimic an 1870s dress worn by female British explorers.

    15. "The People's £50 Million Lottery Giveaway" Promotional Dress

    Via Flickr: claytron

    This dress made out of £50,000 in paper notes and coins in total was used to promote the British ITV show "The People's £50 Million Lottery Giveaway," in which the public voted for one of four projects to be awarded a £50 million grant.

    Image from Clayton Parker.

    16. A Hat of British Pounds


    Artists Zena May Hendrick, Sarah Parker, and Hattie Newman created this hat out of shredded money, which was featured in The Guardian.

    17. A Monetary Interpretation of Angie's Leg


    By Latvian artist Irina Truhanova

    18. "An Exploration of Value in the Form of Money Mosaics" by Chad Person


    Yixing Teapot and iPod (2005) from the "Worshipping Mammon — Currency Artwork" collection.


    George Foreman Grill and Coconuts

    19. Groom's Cake Decorations / Via

    Considering that few things are dirtier than money, one would hope that these cakes were just for show.

    20. Zimbabwean Protest Sign


    In 2009, The ZImbabwean Newspaper launched an ad campaign using a series of posters, murals and billboards made out of the Zimbabwe 100 trillion note, criticizing Mugabe for the hyperinflation crisis.

    21. A currency collage of the ever-elusive "Money Tree" by Mark Wagner


    If only...