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    21 Things Made Out Of Cold, Hard Cash

    There's a fiscal crisis looming, you say? No bother. These things are LITERALLY made of money.

    1. World's most expensive broom made from hundreds of shredded dollar bills

    2. Matsumoto Castle Replica made from paper currency worth $818,000

    3. "The Mendicant" by Robert Wechsler

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    4. The "Rising Tide" of 90,000 pennies

    ...destroyed for artistic effect.

    5. "One Billion Dollar" — the most expensive piece of art EVER

    6. The 3,000-coin World Currency Map

    7. Money wallpaper at Superstition Saloon

    8. Wall, ceiling, and pillar decor at Cabbage Key Inn

    9. The penny bar at Ford's Garage

    10. A penny kitchen counter

    11. Penny flooring

    12. The Half-Dollar Butterfly Chair

    13. An unconventional reward for hard work, by Mark Wagner

    14. The International "Money Dress" by Susan Stockwell

    15. "The People's £50 Million Lottery Giveaway" Promotional Dress

    16. A Hat of British Pounds

    17. A Monetary Interpretation of Angie's Leg

    18. "An Exploration of Value in the Form of Money Mosaics" by Chad Person

    19. Groom's Cake Decorations

    20. Zimbabwean Protest Sign

    21. A currency collage of the ever-elusive "Money Tree" by Mark Wagner