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Make This Incredibly Easy 3-Ingredient Nutella Lip Balm!

DIY lip balms are typically made using coconut oil, wax and fragrance. One of the main ingredients of Nutella is palm oil, which is extremely similar to coconut oil and therefore making it a surprisingly suitable ingredient for homemade lip balm. The final result goes on clear, is very moisturising and smells exactly like Nutella.

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Video Tutorial

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What if I don't have beeswax or coconut oil?

You can use any of these substitutions:

1 plain white tealight candle (chopped up) instead of 1 tbs beeswax

1-2 tbs olive oil instead of 2-3 tbs coconut oil

What if the lip balm doesn't set properly?

This recipe is very easy to redo. If you don't like the texture then return it to the water bath and add more wax to make it harder or more coconut oil to make softer. Place in freezer for 10mins to test the consistency.

Can I eat this?

No. Beeswax is non-toxic and used in many lip products, but it is not intended for human consumption. If you substitute beeswax with candle wax, be sure to use a plain white un-scented and un-coloured candle.

Can I use anything else instead of Nutella?

Yes! Check out this tutorial for a peanut butter lip balm.

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