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12 Unique And Amazing Lip DIYs Anyone Can Make At Home!

Try out these 12 crazy lip balm and lip gloss ideas!

Chocolate Pixel • 2 years ago

Make This Incredibly Easy 3-Ingredient Nutella Lip Balm!

DIY lip balms are typically made using coconut oil, wax and fragrance. One of the main ingredients of Nutella is palm oil, which is extremely similar to coconut oil and therefore making it a surprisingly suitable ingredient for homemade lip balm. The final result goes on clear, is very moisturising and smells exactly like Nutella.

Chocolate Pixel • 4 years ago

8 Amazingly Cute Gifts You Can Make Using Socks

Making your own plush toys is incredibly easy and cost-effective with these tutorials. Use them to re-purpose lost socks, as gifts or to sell at craft fairs!

Chocolate Pixel • 4 years ago

The Cutest DIY Gift You Can Make From Two Socks!

You only need a pair of socks and basic sewing materials to make this incredibly easy (and cheap) plush cat.

Chocolate Pixel • 4 years ago

19 Adorable Pets Trying To Sell You Something On Etsy

Inspired by Sad Etsy Boyfriends, this compilation shows what happens when you combine creativity, entrepreneurship and fluffy animals with everyone’s favourite indie marketplace!

Chocolate Pixel • 5 years ago

12 Types Of Instagram Photos

An illustrated guide on 12 stylish Instagram trends by artist Joanna Zhou. Selfies and hot dog legs included!

Chocolate Pixel • 5 years ago

17 Awesome ‘Engrish’ Tees That You Can Buy

Thanks to the internet, these cryptically poignant Asian tees can be yours with just a few clicks!

Chocolate Pixel • 5 years ago

24 Epic Fandom Craft Projects

Take a look at the most creative, most wonderful and just slightly off-the-wall examples of fandom DIY.

Chocolate Pixel • 6 years ago