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    19 Adorable Pets Trying To Sell You Something On Etsy

    Inspired by Sad Etsy Boyfriends, this compilation shows what happens when you combine creativity, entrepreneurship and fluffy animals with everyone’s favourite indie marketplace!

    1. Cat Pod

    2. Crochet Puppy Hats

    3. Dog Jumpers

    4. Pug Heart Boppers

    5. Royal Cat Crown

    6. Chihuahua Pet Bed

    7. Glitter Easter Egg Fascinator

    8. Star-Shaped Cat Glasses

    9. Lion’s Mane

    10. Chinchilla Cape

    11. Realistic Blond Dog Wig

    12. Puppy Harness

    13. Corgi Bow Tie

    14. Apple Spaniel Hood

    15. Reversible Rabbit Dress

    16. Kawaii Bunny Dog Hat

    17. Guinea Pig Panties

    18. Propeller Hat

    19. Custom Male Hunk