19 Adorable Pets Trying To Sell You Something On Etsy

Inspired by Sad Etsy Boyfriends, this compilation shows what happens when you combine creativity, entrepreneurship and fluffy animals with everyone’s favourite indie marketplace!

1. Cat Pod

Storow Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

Let’s begin with Grumpy Cat’s ginger cousin sulking inside an undeniably stylish felt pod bed.

2. Crochet Puppy Hats

Eternal Light Shop / Via etsy.com

How do you make a tiny dog even cuter? Festive crochet hats!

3. Dog Jumpers

Keli fastner Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

This brown poodle, who bears a passing resemblance to Bob Ross, is rocking his happy little jumper.

4. Pug Heart Boppers

I Lick You Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

I didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose me.

5. Royal Cat Crown

To Scarborough Fair Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

Turn any kitty into a majestic feline with this glorious crown. *Lion King music*

6. Chihuahua Pet Bed

Nature’s Adornments Pet Department / Via etsy.com

This camera-shy pup makes the pouch look like a very cosy place to hide from all stress in life.

7. Glitter Easter Egg Fascinator

Not So Kitty Shop / Via etsy.com

You will never be as fabulous as this cat. FACT.

8. Star-Shaped Cat Glasses

Not So Kitty Shop / Via etsy.com

And from the same shop, these dazzling disco glasses will even make Elton John weep with jealousy.

9. Lion’s Mane

I Lick You Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

Proof that dogs can get crazy eyes just like some humans. Or it might be the sheer excitement of donning a felted lion mane.

10. Chinchilla Cape

Marmota Café / Via etsy.com


11. Realistic Blond Dog Wig

This guy is a Belieber.

12. Puppy Harness

Doodlebug Duds / Via etsy.com

The vibrant pawprint pattern ensures that you won’t accidentally use it for a human baby.

13. Corgi Bow Tie

Corgi Kuri And Friends / Via etsy.com

A Sartorialist-worthy dapper Corgi.

14. Apple Spaniel Hood

Day Dog Designs / Via etsy.com

This is the sort of picture that would get untagged if dogs used Facebook.

15. Reversible Rabbit Dress

Topsy Turvy Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

Get double the squeee with this adorable two-sided dress.

16. Kawaii Bunny Dog Hat

Lena Pavia Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

This model seems to disapprove of gender stereotyping in pets.

17. Guinea Pig Panties

Emma’s Bears / Via etsy.com

These patterned undies will keep your rodent fashionable and dry!

18. Propeller Hat

Sweet Hoots Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

A true multi-function item, this hat can also be used for Pikmin cosplay or at a Pug Pride Parade.

19. Custom Male Hunk

Drunce Etsy Shop / Via etsy.com

And to finish off…there is this.

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