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    • Mao5k

      Buzzfeed is not the only source sharing these images. All media is notorious for exposing images in instances like this. However, I do think it is necessary and I don’t find it insensitive. If I had loved ones at the race and couldn’t get in touch, I’d rather find a social media post with my relative’s image still alive and being rushed over to a hospital (despite severe injury) than not knowing if he is still alive or not. Yes it is gruesome and yes it is disturbing, but the sharing of these images is not meant to show insensitivity to anyone, but rather to inform the general public of what is going on. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in today’s world, these images are crucial to the way in which this day is remembered in history. These images create a bridge between information and the the individual. I support truthful and open media, and censoring it is not the way to maintain this. Buzzfeed and most other news sources warn of the graphic images beforehand and it is the individual’s choice to view or not.  I hope each of the people pictured survive. I also hope to hear of amazing recovery stories as well.

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