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The Do’s And Don’ts Of The 2014 World Cup In Brazil

You'll never go wrong after reading this guide.

1. DON'T be afraid of people who want to help you.

2. DO greet someone with a little more contact.

In Brazil, people greet each other with a handshake or a hug. Women greet another man or woman with a handshake, hug, or a kiss on the cheek. Fun fact: This rule can change in some cities. In São Paulo, people give one kiss on the cheek; in Rio, they do two kisses; and in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), they kiss three times.

DON'T be afraid of physical contact. This is part of simple communication in Brazil. You may notice that Brazilians also stand extremely close to one another too.

3. DON'T expect to see all Brazilian women dressed in something like this:

4. DO be patient when you are in Brazil.

Punctuality can be a bit different here. DON'T always interpret lateness as a sign of rudeness, because it's common to arrive 15 minutes late.

5. DON'T speak Spanish. Brazilians don't always understand Spanish, and you might sound lazy when you confuse it with Portuguese.

DO learn some basic sentences before you go to Brazil, because you won't find a large number of people who understand English. You should know things like how to ask for your check at a restaurant ("A conta, por favor?") and where the bathroom is ("Onde é o banheiro?").

6. DON'T throw paper in the toilet (the pipes are not prepared for it).

Not allowed to toss toilet paper down the toilet at São Paulo airport. Luckily rest of Brazil is different.

7. DO stay alert when you use your cell phone in the street or near a crowd.

You shouldn't leave your cell phone on the table in a restaurant or a bar when it may be easily accessible to other people.

DON'T get too crazy about this. Make sure you're safe, but don't let worrying ruin your fun!

8. DO try feijoada.

9. DO plan your World Cup trip using public transportation.

This tip is applicable in big cities, like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, where traffic can be intense and taking a taxi may not be the best choice.

10. DON'T make the "OK" signal.

11. DO give a "thumbs-up" — it's the best way to signal that you're OK or that you like something.

12. DON'T cheer for Argentina.

Brazil and Argentina have had a long-standing soccer rivalry. It's not always serious, but you may make some enemies when you choose Argentina over Brazil!

More importantly...

13. DON'T (EVER!!!!) say Maradona is better then Pelé.

14. DON'T criticize Brazilians' problems when talking to other Brazilians.

15. DO go with the flow and be happy!