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30 Completely Adorable Wall Decals For Kids' Rooms

They're all removable so you can swap them out as your children get older!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Polka dot decals in every color of the rainbow.

2. A customizable bear to stick to a door.

3. A map mural that may help kids learn about the continents.

4. And another for learning about the states.

5. Decals you can have customized with any photo you choose.

6. A very merry set of alphabet decals.

7. Or a simpler set that looks great applied to a shelf.

8. Plus a zoological alphabet.

9. Unique typographic decals for Star Wars fans.

10. A grass border to turn a bedroom into a meadow.

11. Or flowers for making a garden.

12. Decals for kids who adore the Pigeon books by Mo Willems.

13. 3D butterfly decals that can actually flutter.

Get them from Amazon for $1.75.

14. And some 3D mirrored flower decals.

Get them from Amazon for $5.01.

15. A growth chart that's a real hoot.

16. Plus castle and veggie growth charts.

Get them from Carniwall on Etsy for $94.26 and $80.80.

17. Night sky decals to gaze at before bed each night.

18. A chalkboard calendar for planning out the school week.

19. And some colorful chalkboard sheets.

20. A set of delicious-looking watermelon decals.

21. And some sweet ice cream cones.

22. A customizable skywriter.

23. Decals you can use to label and organize a chest of drawers.

Get them from Tinch Design Studio on Etsy for $29.

24. A charming and cheery village.

25. Bricks to stack up on a blank wall.

26. A map of Winnie the Pooh territory.

27. Decals for kids who are learning to count.

28. A decal that'll help expand a play kitchen.

29. Dry-erase minions to doodle on.

30. And a pair of sleeping beauties.

Get them from The Lovely Wall on Etsy for $15.

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