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31 Completely Wonderful Decals You'll Want To Buy For Your Walls

Because white walls are boring.


We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Cacti decals to turn your living room into the desert.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $78.

2. A pair of crisp and colorful abstract designs.

Get them both at Target for $48 and $48.

3. Frames for making a decal gallery wall.

Get them from PBTeen for $49.

4. Chalkboard shapes to help you stick to your weekly meal plan.

Get them from Fathead for $59.99.

5. Animals to put on the tile backsplash above your kitchen sink.

Get them from Nuukk on Etsy for $8 or $10.

6. Bunches and bunches of little sticker scribbles (to be specific, there are 116 of them).

Get them from Made of Sundays on Etsy for $32.39.

7. A dry-erase piece of "paper" to write to-do lists on.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $26.

8. A moon decal that doesn't seem to have a man in it.

Get it from i3Lab on Etsy for $178.

9. Flowers that look great blooming around a vanity.

Get them from Amazon for $9.50.

10. Four potted cactuses that'll never die (no matter how black your thumb is).

Get them from ADZif on Etsy for $22.18.

11. Plus a pair of merry blooms.

Get them from Little Sticker Boy on Etsy for $26.13.

12. Wavy window film that will help you add a bit of privacy to a room on street level.[]=search%7Cdecal&pos=27

Get it from Fab for $31.98.

13. Alphabet decals for spelling out important messages.

Get them from Made of Sundays on Etsy for $3.47+.

14. Or a pre-made greeting to stick to your front door.

Get it from UrbanWalls on Etsy for $10.

15. Or a sloth decal featuring a banner you can customize.

Get it from Made of Sundays on Etsy for $30.08.

16. Minimalist peel and stick plus signs that also come in red or blue.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $12.

17. A dapper decal for your bathroom door.

Get it from Made of Sundays on Etsy for $25.45.

18. A decal that'll transform any simple wall clock into a grandfather clock.

Get it from Amazon for $45.

19. A gang of oh-so-cute forest animals.

Get them from Durido on Etsy for $34.71.

20. Faux stained glass windows for Legend of Zelda fans.

Get them from Think Geek for $34.99.

21. Plus some decals for Super Mario Bros. aficionados.

Get them from Amazon for $49.95.

22. A vibrant mountain range to tower over your counter.

Get it from Little Sticker Boy on Etsy for $48.53.

23. "Wood" you won't have to nail on.

Get it from Blik for $24.

24. Sticker sheets to help you chevron-ify any room in your home.

Get them from Walls Need Love on Etsy for $30.

25. A chalkboard village you can doodle on.

Get them from Nuukk on Etsy for $26.

26. A Charley Harper poster decal for anyone who appreciates vintage illustration.

Get it from The Land of Nod for $49.

27. An array of 8-bit, Tetris-style blocks.

Get them from Little Sticker Boy on Etsy for $56.

28. A decal that your dog will enjoy gazing while she eats.

Get it from Graphic Spaces on Etsy for $50.

29. Giant letters for people who really love their initials.

Get them from All Posters for $25.19.

30. Small "southwest" decals that come in over eight colors.

Get them from Mur for $21.

31. And crest decals for wannabe Hogwarts students.

Get them from Amazon for $11.79 (you can also check out a few other styles here).

Want some decals to decorate your child's room with? Check out this post!

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