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30 Ridiculously Adorable Tiny Presents You'll Want To Buy Immediately

What is this? A gift guide for ants?

1. A quartet of pint-sized hamster erasers.

2. A teensy grilled cheese sandwich (in earring form).

3. A Lilliputian Etch A Sketch.

4. A set of mini cocktail shot glasses.

5. A package of tiny encouragement cards.

6. Diminutive ear earrings.

7. A micro crocheted chameleon.

8. A miniature Hobbit house.

9. A collection of shrimpy embroidery hoops.

10. A pocket-sized quadcopter.

11. A baby Nutella breakfast on a chain.

12. A petite platypus bowl.

13. A minute Polaroid camera to wear around your neck.

14. An itty bitty ceramic bookcase.

15. A pair of eensy weensy boob rings.

Price: $17.56

16. A runty set of drums for your desk.

17. A puny typewriter calendar.

18. A taco you could eat in one bite.

19. Teeny dishes for your rings.

Price: $28

20. Minuscule versions of the Seinfeld and Friends apartments.

Price: $12.95

21. Pipsqueak Pabst pins.

22. A lil' amigurumi pup.

23. Small fry kitchen-themed erasers.

24. A bunch of peanut-sized planters.

25. A coaster-sized bear skin rug.

26. A five pack of incredibly small zines.

27. A Theremin fit for elves.

28. A munchkin piano that plays music.

29. Temporary tattoos so small that they'd fit on a Barbie doll.

30. And a selection of small-scale masterpieces.

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