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17 Awesomely Weird Things You Can Only Get At Amazon

Doughnut-warming mugs, meat claws, champagne bongs, and other ~exclusives~.

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There's a section on Amazon filled with ~exclusive~ products.

Products you can't find in any other online shop (except — possibly — the sellers' own storefronts). The selection is pretty odd. But pretty great! You'll see what I mean.

Here's an array of some of the coolest/weirdest products you can find there right now....


7. A gadget that turns any remote-controlled air conditioner into a *smart* air conditioner.

Get one and you'll be able to turn your air conditioner on or off using your phone (meaning you could start cooling down your apartment on your commute home from work). Plus, you can set it to automatically turn on whenever a room gets too hot or humid.

Get one here for $179.


12. A portable Bluetooth keyboard you can fold up and carry in your bag.

They claim it will fit in your pocket, but that really depends on how big your pockets are — yeah, you can shove this thing into a cargo pants pouch, but who's wearing cargo pants on a daily basis?

Get it here for $32.99.