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19 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Cutout ankle boots, cactus dryer buddies, and 17 other favorite products from our recent posts.

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1. A grater that's straight-up great (lol, it's true though).

Promising review: "The best micro-grater I have ever used. It works like a charm on parmesan cheese, citrus, even for whole nutmeg. So much better than my old one. Would buy again and highly recommend this. One word of is VERY, VERY sharp. Be sure to use the protective shield (I also keep it in the box in my drawer), and be super careful while you are using it. Nothing dull about this grater at all!! Love it!" —Flowerladytoo

Price: $9.98

2. A book describing a cleaning and organizational system that'll help you "unfuck your habitat."

Promising review: "This is a must-have. I know I'm not unique in my desire to live with less clutter and mess, while also finding most 'tidying' books/guides unrealistic and unkind. Ms. Hoffman treats the reader as a friend (without judgment) and understands the many challenges one faces: health (physical and emotional), limitations, living alone, multi-working households with kids, single parents... there's something for everyone, delivered with kindness and humor. Do a little, do a lot, do nothing until you're able, and above all, be kind to yourself. That's what is missing from all other books on this topic." —Kindle Customer

Price: $11.11


3. An egg yolk in serious need of a puke bucket.

Promising review: "The egg arrived early and it looks just like the one in the pictures. I would say this is worth the money and is really fun to play with and keep as decoration. I even bought two more for my brothers!" —Sarah

Price: $1.19

4. A colander made specifically for the tops of cans.

Promising review: "I bought this for my mother and she LOVES IT. No more hard pressing against the lids trying to get the juice drained out. No more lids falling into the container and having to fish it out with a knife or fork because you were using the lid to drain the juice. For the tuna, you turn it so that the opening faces AWAY from the lid and drain it that way. For anything else, you use it with the opening of the colander facing the opening of the veggies, fruit, etc. Makes it so much easier to drain items. A great addition to any kitchen." —Leria Draven

Price: $5.19

5. Friendly cactus dryer buddies who promise, despite their appearance, to make your clothes extra pillowy.

Promising review: "I was amazed how well these little guys worked in the dryer. I live in an apartment and am forced to use pay per use laundry and the dryer in the building always seemed to not fully dry the clothes. After a little research, I ordered these two and now all of my clothes come out warm, dry, and without damp spots, and—with or without dryer sheets—there's never any static cling, either! These are a must have." —Adrian Russo

Price: $9.55

6. A hanging or standing thermometer for people who don't necessarily trust their oven's built-in temperature settings.

Promising review: "If you looked up the word functional in the dictionary, you wouldn't be surprised to see an illustration of an oven thermometer. There is literally NOTHING sexy or appealing about this, but damn is it functional. And this one functions up there with the best of them. Everyone should have one. Test your oven, even if you think it's okay, and check it again every few months. Ovens can drift, and it's better to be safe than ruin your meals. Recommended." —Scribbler

Price: $6.36


7. Cutout ankle booties that say, "I'm the boss and I'll kick you with my heel if necessary."

Promising review: "I love love love these shoes. They are very versatile--from running errands, to church, to a date night. Since they have a thicker heel, they can be worn for quite awhile before getting uncomfortable. I've shopped in them and worn them off and on all day. I get compliments almost every time I wear them" —Amazon Customer

Price: $27+

8. Nature Republic sheet masks to help your skin look like it's ballin' on 10 hours of sleep every night.

Promising review: "I love the Nature Republic sheet masks. I feel like they're the real deal when you're looking for masks like this. They each 'do' something different. I love the rose sheet mask the most because it just has such a beautiful scent. My face is so hydrated and soft after using one of these and my skin is radiant for the whole day after. All of them have a pleasant smell. I don't get any weird skin reactions. The price is absolutely great. It comes out to about a dollar each mask, versus the Sephora masks that are at least 5 dollars each." —Amazon Customer

Price: $10

9. Liners that'll save you from having to clean out your slow cooker ever again.

Promising review: "I guarantee that these liners will make you use your slow cooker more often. I have not had to soak or scrub my crock for the past three years thanks to these liners. They are perfect in preventing the heartache of burnt-on, crusty nastiness. Two weekends ago, I made very fancy macaroni and cheese for a going away party. The hostess wasn't familiar with slow cookers and she took my crock out of the fridge and put it on high two hours before the party. Needless to say, there was crusty, scorched mac and cheese in every direction. Was I upset that my $60 mac and cheese was ruined? A little. But, the small amount of sadness will never trump the relief and giddiness I felt knowing that I can grab that bag and dump the remains in the garbage. No soaking, no scouring, no cussing. Just a small lift of a bag and that burnt on mess was no longer my problem. This will be one of the best investments you will make." —KaseyShopping

Price: $2.73

10. Sorting trays for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.

Promising review: "I have enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles for years. This handy dandy little item has made it even more enjoyable. I usually leave all the pieces in the bottom of the box, pick out the end pieces, and then just shuffle through the remaining pieces as I look for particular ones. With the Sort & Go, I pick out my end pieces and put them all in one tray, then depending on the puzzle, I pick out all sky pieces and put them in one tray, or maybe all the flowers into a tray, or all the water pieces into a tray...etc. And now that I've taken just a few minutes to sort all the pieces into their perspective categories, I no longer have to hunt for pieces inside the box. I like the stacking feature also, in that I can store the trays away and save space because they stack right on top of each other with the pieces still in them." —Lynn Craig

Price: $10.47


11. A salve that may help treat your zits.

Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I had a huge pimple for a week. It was red and super painful. I put this stuff on it while I slept (with a band-aid), and overnight it dramatically decreased in size and formed a head ready to explode. Best purchase I've made in a long, long time." —Amber Lea

Price: $8.05

12. A gadget for coring a pineapple in (pretty much) an instant.

Promising review: "No, seriously... it's fantastic. I thought for sure I was going to have to use some major muscles, but it was super easy. I feel like I've hit the mother load of helpful kitchen items. I avoided buying pineapples whole for so long because they were such a pain to cut up, but this handy little device has now caused me to buy 4 pineapples in 2 days. Because that's how much fun it is to use. Not to mention the handy little booze cup that's left over: pour a little coconut rum in the leftover pineapple 'shell' and it's a delicious treat. Couldn't be happier with this purchase!" —Kaycee Olsen

Price: $8.99

13. A set of porking pig (I'm truly sorry) salt and pepper shakers.

Promising review: "Will people laugh when they see this? Yes. Will they judge you for this? Only the a$$hole ones you don't want in your life anyway. Lighten up Debbie Downer." —Rod O.

Price: $10.99

14. A bestselling guide to mindfulness written by a renowned teacher of Zen Buddhism (quite a contrast from the pigs, I know).

Promising review: “I heard Haemin Sunim on the radio and was taken with his message. He manages to pack powerful ideas into a small space. A worthwhile book.” —studioprod.

Price: $9.86


15. Water-resistant eyeliner that won't smudge or smear.,

Promising review: "My family is from India and I used to travel there quite often. I found this eyeliner years ago and fell in love. It's better than Dior, MAC, or Chanel. The brush is super thin and so simple to use. It draws the perfect line & dries quickly." —Renda Matthew-Thomas

Price: $4

16. A stainless steel bench scrape for transferring chopped foods without sprinkling them all of your counter, stovetop, or floor.

Promising review: "How did I go without this for so long? It picks up everything I chop - produce, breadcrumbs, crushed cookies, etc. I like the nice, large size because in one or two scoops, it picks everything up. On both sides of the bench scrape, the stainless steel forms raised sides that helps hold foods securely on the flat surface. The ribbed handle is comfortable, grippy, and fits securely in my hand. I haven't found the need to run it through the dishwasher because it cleans up nicely with just a couple of swipes with a soapy sponge and some water, leaving no food or odor residue behind." —Shae

Price: $7.99

17. A bottle of rosewater you can use as a makeup remover, toner, a setting or cooling spray, or even to make your pillow smell better.

Promising review: "I love this freshly scented product and use it daily as a spritzer. I poured the rose water into a generic purse-size spray bottle and keep refilling as needed. After I apply my makeup, I mist my entire face to set. I also carry in my purse to refresh my skin all day long. During the summer months it doubles as a cooling mist. I seem to use it frequently, but surprisingly the 8 fl oz lasts a long time." —JV

Price: $9.15

18. A batter dispenser with a built-in whisk (for easy mixing).

Promising review: "Love it. Works great. So much better than pouring out of a bowl or glass measuring bowl. A lot less messy." —MaryWam

Price: $14.99


19. And a bottle topper to give you a nice steady stream on your condiments.

Promising review: "I'm still enjoying this every time someone wants the ketchup. I always just tell them to get it themselves out of the fridge. Everyone comes out with a big smile!" —Deborah L. Hamilton

Price: $14.99

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