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27 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A retro bathing suit, adorable and inexpensive string lights, a corgi-shaped planter, and 24 other favorite products from our recent posts.

1. A petite (two quarts, to be exact) slow cooker that costs less than $10 (seriously!).

2. Socks for someone who loves anything and everything related to Disney princesses.

3. A tin of bandages that definitely isn't as loathsome as a toad.

4. A 💕romantic pair💕 of keychains to share with the one you love.

5. A Yellow Submarine mug that ~reveals~ the Beatles in the portholes when you pour in a hot liquid.

6. A "millipede" to help you yank all the gunk up and out of your drain.

7. A balm for bearded folk who want to soften, shape, style, or condition their facial hair.

8. Sticky notes that'll definitely come in handy when finals roll around.

9. A truly dope backless one-piece.

10. A mist that keeps your face from looking super shiny, sets makeup, and provides SPF 50 protection.

11. A Gulpy water bottle for keeping your pooch hydrated during hikes or trips to the park.

12. A treatment to help strengthen hair that's been dyed a LOT.


14. A book of vouchers to give to your lover.

15. A watch that's classy *and* waterproof.

16. A bonsai-shaped lamp for anyone who can't manage to keep an actual bonsai tree alive.

17. A daily moisturizer that won't make your skin feel greasy (thank goodness).

18. A set of 12 sheet masks with a variety of different scents (cucumber, pomegranate, tea tree, etc.) and uses (soothing, refining, brightening, etc.).

19. A minimalist planner that may (may!) help you be more organized in 2017.

20. A copy of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale to read before the series premieres on Hulu.

21. An oh-so-satisfying scrub that'll get all the dead skin off your face.

22. Inexpensive flower-shaped string lights to decorate your bed frame — or even a mirror — in your room.

23. A two-piece bathing suit that'll make you feel like a retro pinup girl.

24. An acrylic cosmetic organizer with over 10 different compartments.

25. A cheap pair of wireless headphones that actually work.

26. A tray to bring your watching-Netflix-in-bed situation to the next level.

27. And the most adorable planter you've ever seen.

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