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39 Adorable Gifts You'll Want To Cuddle With Right Now

You'll just want to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze them!

1. A roly-poly axolotl with a kind smile.

2. A bear-shaped beanbag made with faux fur.

3. A strawberry body pillow that'd make a whoooooooooole lotta jam if it were real.

4. Unicorn slippers that get all toasty and warm when you plug them in to a power source with a USB cord.

5. A not-so-ferocious dragon with a retractable flame "tongue."

6. A fluffy flamingo named Flavia who has enviable eyelashes.

7. A wombat plushie with her arms spread wide open for a hug.

8. A loaf of bread that's pillowy enough to doze on.

Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

9. A "soft sidekick" with a big ol' pocket on its belly to snuggle up in.

10. A bento box full of sushi-shaped plushes.

Get them from Amazon for $36.

11. An inexpensive bunny who wants to hop into bed with you for a nap.

12. A clam hand puppet who INSISTS (yes, insists) that he's cute, not creepy.

13. A Soot Sprite pillow you could use to play a game of catch.

14. A plush version of your favorite emoji.

15. A miniature cow keychain complete with udders.

16. A notebook that's reminiscent of The Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter.

17. A hamburger that'll make you hungry...for a hug.

18. A plump walrus with stubby little tusks.

19. Boulder-shaped poufs that won't hurt your butt when you sit on them.

20. A macaron that's the size of a cake.

21. Dogs that would rather play music than bark (they're Bluetooth speakers, you see).

22. A taco you won't only want to hang out with on Tuesdays.

23. A stuffed version of the cutest character in Moana.

24. A beanbag capybara (they're the world's largest rodent, in case you didn't know).

25. A Stitch toy that's over 3 feet tall.

Get it from Amazon for $235.

26. Birds who are ready to salute you as their leader.

27. A (heated) s'more pillow to keep on your lap all winter.

28. Pusheen slippers that even have itty-bitty tails.

29. A blobfish who needs you to cheer her up ASAP.

Get her from Amazon for $39.99.

30. A sleeping bag to wrap up in while you watch My Neighbor Totoro.

31. A bat cushion who would prefer to come out during the day (he's scared of the dark).

32. Shaggy Dog, Nymeria, Lady, and all the other direwolf puppies from Game of Thrones.

33. A bunny beanbag chair with fur that looks like it's been tie-dyed.

34. An incredibly realistic giant isopod plush.

Get it from Amazon for $87.

35. Stuffed peas that come all cozied up in a pod.

36. A plop of poop unlike any you've ever seen in *your* toilet.

37. Roll pillows that look like cats or corgis.

Get them from Think Geek for $19.99.

38. A hare with a full head of hair.

39. And a beanbag version of baby Dory.

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