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27 Food Pillows That Are So Cute It Hurts

*Pickle Hugs Not Drugs*

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1. These lil' leftovers.

Get them here.

2. This marshmallow lad with a chocolate dip hat.

Get him here.

3. A cushy cookie/cracker/biscuit.

Get it here.

4. This chill dill pickle.

Get it here.

5. This un-meltable ice cream sandwich.

Get it here.

6. This sprinkle-covered little Pop Tart.

FROSTED, obviously. Get it here.

7. This deliciously cute grilled cheese.

The cuteness melts right out. Get it here.

8. This oversized egg.

Squishy-side-up. Get it here.

9. A huggable taco.

Get it here.

10. A dozen doughnuts.

Get one here.

11. This fuzzy kiwi.

Get it here.

12. A blushing stick of cotton candy.

13. This pop.

Get it here.

14. Peas in a cute pod.

Pillow BFFLs. Get it here.

15. This soft sushi.

Get it here.

16. This lil' macaroni.

Get it here.

17. A non-greasy slice of pizza.

18. This cheerful stack.

Get it here.

19. This cozy toast.

Get it here.

20. A wedge of watermelon.

21. This snuggly s'more.

Get it here.

22. A plush pineapple.

Get it here.

23. A trio of sausages.

Get them here.

24. A salty pretzel.

Get it here.

25. A perky pancake.

Get it here.

26. This leg of ham.

♪ Somebody bring me some... ♪ (Get it here.)

27. And this squishy shrimp.

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