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33 Impossibly Cute Ways To Cover Your Body In Books

A wardrobe fit for a bookworm.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Baby Got Paperback Bracelet

You other readers can't deny.

Price: $19.99

2. The Book Was Better Tote

It's *almost* always the case.

Price: $29

3. Certified Book Addict Tee


Price: $22

4. Alice in Wonderland Watch

Never be late for a very important date.

Price: $42.99

5. Harry Potter Sweatshirt

Sadly you can't use a Summoning Charm to accrue this cozy top.

Price: $25

6. Book Ring

For people who are engaged to their book collection.

Price: $140

7. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Tee

For anyone who would rather learn from John Segundus than from Minerva McGonagall.

Price: $28

8. Bookshelf Pouch

Throw your phone and a few accessories into this little guy.

Price: $30

9. The Secret Garden Writing Gloves

They would work equally well if used as *reading* gloves.

Price: $26

10. Books + Cats Skirt

🐱 + 📖 = the dream team.

Price: $59.99

11. Hooked on Paw-nics Socks

To go with your skirt.

Price: $9.99

12. The Little Prince Leggings

Price: $50

13. War of the Worlds Tie

For men of "exceptional moods."

Price: $24

14. Ernest Hemingway Tee

See all the other typographic portraits here.

Price: $30

15. Harry Potter Nail Decals

If only you could use a magical spell to apply them.

Price: $4.66

16. Vintage Book Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier

For anyone who's into ~fashion~ as much as they're into books.

Price: $300

17. Book Worm Cufflinks

18. Wuthering Heights Scarf

This will keep your neck warm when you're out on the moors.

Price: $48

19. "Visit Mordor" Tote

...or don't?

Price: $20

20. Book Earrings

Your earlobes will look so cute and literary.

Price: $13

21. Jane Eyre Clutch

Perfect for storing your book-buying money in.

Price: $69

22. Olde Book Messenger Bag

For people who need to carry around more than a clutch's worth of stuff.

Price: $49.99

23. The Book Thief Cuff

"She was a girl with a mountain to climb."

Price: $43.49

24. Book Collar Clips

You'll never let a collar go unaccessorized again.

Price: $15

25. I ❤️ Books Keychain

"Everyone knows narwhals love a good novel."

Price: $5

26. Book Print Secretary Blouse

The perfect print.

Price: $115

27. Albert Einstein Library Quote Tote

Vital information.

Price: $13.90

28. Pride and Prejudice Earrings

Give them to the one who has "bewitched" you.

Price: $11

29. The Waves Necklace

Wear Woolf's words around your neck.

Price: $26

30. Sherlock Holmes Necklace

Why would you want this necklace? It's elementary, my dear: Sherlock Holmes is the best.

Price: $20.60

31. Middlemarch Tee

The shirt is actually printed with the text of the book (in teeny tiny letters)! Learn more here.

Price: $34

32. Outlander Tote

Yup: this is the tote version of the previous tee. You can (sort of) read some of your favorite book off your bag!

Price: $29

33. Treasure Island and The Last Unicorn Tattoos

Not into either of these books? That's OK! There are so many other options in the shop.

Price: $5

Now go and do some reading in style!