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33 Impossibly Cute Ways To Cover Your Body In Books

A wardrobe fit for a bookworm.

1. Baby Got Paperback Bracelet

You other readers can't deny.

Price: $19.99

2. The Book Was Better Tote

3. Certified Book Addict Tee

4. Alice in Wonderland Watch

5. Harry Potter Sweatshirt

6. Book Ring

7. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Tee

8. Bookshelf Pouch

9. The Secret Garden Writing Gloves

10. Books + Cats Skirt

11. Hooked on Paw-nics Socks

12. The Little Prince Leggings

13. War of the Worlds Tie

14. Ernest Hemingway Tee

15. Harry Potter Nail Decals

16. Vintage Book Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier

17. Book Worm Cufflinks

18. Wuthering Heights Scarf

19. "Visit Mordor" Tote

20. Book Earrings

21. Jane Eyre Clutch

22. Olde Book Messenger Bag

23. The Book Thief Cuff

24. Book Collar Clips

25. I ❤️ Books Keychain

26. Book Print Secretary Blouse

27. Albert Einstein Library Quote Tote

28. Pride and Prejudice Earrings

29. The Waves Necklace

30. Sherlock Holmes Necklace

31. Middlemarch Tee

32. Outlander Tote

33. Treasure Island and The Last Unicorn Tattoos

Not into either of these books? That's OK! There are so many other options in the shop.

Price: $5

Now go and do some reading in style!