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47 Incredibly Unique Books To Buy Everyone On Your List

These make great last minute gifts thanks to your local bookstore and Amazon Prime.

1. For the cat person.

2. For the comedy nerd.

3. For proud library card holders.

4. For the person who's constantly eating.

5. For hermits.

6. For horror movie aficionados.

7. For the host or hostess.

8. For the cookbook collector.

9. For slayers.

10. For the dog person.

11. For members of the Lord of the Rings fandom.

12. For the cocktail sipper.

13. For dapper dudes.

14. For wannabe detectives.

15. For Disney obsessives.

16. For the person who's always annoyed.

17. For the person who always wears jeans.

18. For someone with a serious sweet tooth.

19. For people who love to belt Broadway tunes.

20. For someone who enjoys getting spooked.

21. For the aspiring baker.

22. For the gardener.

23. For the shoe collector.

24. For adventurers.

25. For an artistic type.

26. For those with imagination in large supply.

27. For the frequent traveler.

28. For music fans.

29. For people who love Babs.

30. For comic book collectors.

31. For those who appreciate a damn good cup of coffee.

32. For the skier.

33. For people who need a little help with their makeup.

34. For someone who frequents the tattoo parlor.

35. For movie lovers.

36. For your lazy friend.

37. For the golfer.

38. For someone with a battered copy of Pride and Prejudice.

39. For anyone ready to return to Jurassic Park.

40. For coffee addicts.

41. For explorers.

42. For car buffs.

43. For Streepites.

44. For the beer drinker.

45. For sports fans.

46. For binge watchers.

47. For everyone.

A gift card to your local bookstore.

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