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21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Galaxy bedding, sheet masks, a floating speaker, and 18 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. A bedding set that's out of this world.

Promising review: "My daughter loves the set and I am thinking about getting one more for myself too!" —M.B.

Price: $49.99

2. A four-pack of socks for art history enthusiasts.

Promising review: "Gogh get these socks! I freaking love them. My friends make fun of me when I wear them, but they're probably just jealous." —Amazon Customer

Price: $14.99

3. Shimmery crystal vine earrings to "plant" in your lobes.

Promising review: "I was really excited to get these for my birthday! The earrings are really beautiful in person. The material feels durable. They have a great sparkle to them. I wore them out dancing and they stayed in place most of the night. These could easily be worn for a more formal event, or just a date night 🙂 " —Laura

Price: $25.95

4. "Snail lotion" sheet masks that'll make your skin baby soft.

Promising review: "I decided that I need something more powerful to save my dry and itching skin in winter. This snail secretion mask works wonderfully for my sensitive skin. I love how soft and plump my skin feels in this brutal weather. Dry patches are gone and no more redness. It is also packed with essence that I can apply the rest to my body." —Y.S.

Price: $13.60

5. A mug featuring one of the cutest cats in the world (Pusheen).

Promising review: "Adorable Pusheen mug!!!! It's actually bigger than I was expecting, which is awesome because it'll hold a large on the Keurig and the handle is big enough for all four of my fingers to fit in (which is a must for me), so it's AWESOME!!!" —Autumn Doe Willow

Price: $10.86

6. Cold brew coffee concentrate that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Promising review: "Seriously great coffee. I didn't believe the reviews, but from the moment it hit my doorstep, I knew I was in for a treat. Awesome packaging, cool stamp technique on the outside of the box, recipe card, and all the units came in perfect condition (with a double seal, unlike other coffees). The flavor is complex, inviting, with no bitterness or chalkiness. I mixed it cold with almond milk, and I found my summer time drink." —SmartBuyer

Price: $10

7. A Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party game that's just as great for independent play as it is for using with a group.

Promising review: "I never thought I'd give a product like this five stars. I'm usually not a fan of super commercial, princess-oriented toys with tons of tiny pieces. I actually picked it up as a gift for the endless string of birthday parties, but one day when I was desperate for a portable game to take on a trip, we broke into it. Since then, my four year old daughter spends around thirty minutes a day with it on her own: she usually only does that with Magformers or Legos. This is actually a very versatile toy. We haven't even played the game yet! She assembles the cupcakes by the recipe cards. She makes up her own recipes. She uses them in her toy kitchen and setting up tea time. She really loves the physical manipulation of putting them together and twisting on the frosting." —CleverPenName

Price: $14.99

8. Adidas Superstar sneakers with metallic copper splotches.

Promising review: "These shoes are classic and look amazing! Just remember that they run a bit large! I have huge feet and I still had to get a full size smaller!" —Caroline P.

Price: $79.05+

9. A ~magical~ floating Bluetooh speaker that glows.

You can also just take it off its base and bring it on the go (to have music at the beach, in your backyard, etc.).

Promising review: "I can hear music loud and clear and I love how the speaker can be my night lamp as well." —Ha My

Price: $124.99

10. A Disney coloring book for people who prefer the bad guys to the good ones.

Now available for preorder.

Price: $9.68

11. A palette of highlighters, shimmers and shadows.

Promising review: "I originally purchased this palette for the highlighter, since it is cost effective to get the group. I was blown away by how much I loved this palette. I am fair-skinned and the highlighter is strong enough to be seen without being overwhelming. It is buildable, and is shimmery not glittery. The blush is also great and pairs well with the bronzer." —Marissa Ward

Price: $25.20

12. A towel that'll transform little kids into little mermaids.

Promising review: "My daughter loves this towel and so do I. It is made with quality in mind. No frays after washing. Makes the perfect swimming pool/beach towel. The button snap makes keeping it on her easier. Highly recommended." —Drea_Heaton

Price: $29.99+

13. An easy-to-mount shelf to display things in any corner of your home.

Promising review: "Very nice touch for our many knickknacks. Just when I thought we had run out places to put my wife's massive collection of ocean and beach memorabilia, she discovered these shelves on Amazon. She ordered two of them and saved the day. Very sturdy, they're easy to mount, and nicely made." —Jon N Florida

Price: $39.99

14. A box shaped like a giant Lego brick that's filled with 790 pieces to build with.

Promising review: "They're Legos. What's not to love?" —Deb

Price: $55.99

15. A donkey-shaped note holder to cheer you up at work.

Promising review: "This is a great way to get the kids to see the notes you leave them! I love it. It arrived quickly and it was all I hoped it to be. A perfect size for Post-It notes, too." —Jeanne

Price: $13.49

16. An inexpensive rug that'll add some color to your living room.

Promising review: "This rug is AMAZING. It looks even better than it does in the photos. The colors are bright and vivid and it flows perfectly with my living room. I was really surprised with how soft it is, especially compared to my old rug. I have a small dog and a toddler and this thing hides the dirt very well. I'll be buying more in the smaller sizes to compliment the large one in my living room." —Shandi Foreman

Price: $89.97

17. Washi tape in an array of lovely floral prints.

Promising review: "Love this washi tape! I use it in my daily planner to block out chunks of time. It's the perfect width to cover about three hours' worth of time on my 24-hour daily pages. The floral patterns are great and make things very pretty and spring-like. I've had no issue with the tape peeling up at the corners, and it's easy to tear off the roll by hand. I can't wait to order more designs when I finish with these." —Audra

Price: $12.97

18. Air plants housed in sea urchin shells to look like swimming jellyfish.

Promising review: "These are so cute! I used some of those 3M removable clear hooks to hang them from the ceiling. Super easy. Lots of extra string for creating your exact height placement." —Doug Quinn

Price: $33.26

19. A set of 52 alphabet wall decals you can use to create a border in a nursery or playroom.

Promising review: "This is a really cute set of letter decals. The capital letters are about 3 inches and the lower case letters are about 2 inches. Each capital letter has an animal on it that starts with that letter. Some show two examples of things starting with the letter (like a horse with a hat on or a pig eating pizza). The elephant exercising is my favorite. Each letter has a clear border around it and any empty space in the letter is clear, not white, so your wall color will show through." —Lydia 7474

Price: $14.97

20. A classic leather wristband for an Apple Watch.

Promising review: "The leather band is really well made. You won't regret buying this. The leather is thick and feels good." —Rebecca Estrada

Price: $19.50

21. A sweet hedgehog bin that fits into Expedit units from Ikea perfectly.

Promising review: "Adorable and sturdy. My toddler pulls on it and hangs on the side of it and it still pops back into shape." —Maggie

Price: $16.99

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