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31 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Pirate-shaped bottle openers, bandage dresses, and 31 other favorite products from our recent posts.

1. A bottle opener (and corkscrew) that definitely isn't for landlubbers.

2. A primer to stop your eyeshadow from fading or creasing during the course of the day (no how matter how many times you wink at passersby).

3. And a primer that'll make people question whether you have the skin of an adult...or a baby.

4. Sharpie highlighters with chisel tips.

5. Peel-and-stick film to turn any flat surface into a dry-erase board.

6. A portable vanity mirror with built-in LED bulbs and a magnified spot mirror you can slide up and down (and tilt from side the side) to help you get your face ~just~ the way you like it.

7. A miniature, dishwasher-safe Crock-Pot to bring on the go.

8. A brow product with a tinting pen on one end (the tint can last for up to 7 days) and waterproof mascara on the other.

9. A four-color eye shadow palette that'll help you create the ultimate ~smokey~ eye.

10. A comfortable lace dress to show off your shoulders.

11. A tear drop necklace for adding some shimmer to a basic shirt.

12. A waterproof note pad to keep track of all the brilliant ideas that come to you when you're still covered in suds.

13. A "berry" awesome six pack of long-lasting lip tints.

14. A bandage dress that'll give you total Jessica Rabbit vibes (and also comes in 11 other colors beyond red).

15. An exfoliating loofah scrubber to help you clean off every inch of your back during your morning shower.

16. A sponge-holding caddy that slips right around a sink's faucet.

17. A setting spray to keep your makeup looking matte and flawless the whole damn day — even if you work in a restaurant.

18. A "mighty" organizer with the ability to grip on to glass and other shiny surfaces in a bathroom (tile, mirrors, etc.).

19. A pair of replacement filters for your beloved Brita.

20. An oh so soft towel meant for quickly removing moisture from long hair after a shower.

21. A makeup applicator that won't soak up all of your expensive foundation before it even gets on to your face (a problem many people who use sponges encounter).

22. Nonadhesive window film (it works with static cling) to add a little privacy to ground-floor rooms.

23. A bottle stopper for corgi-lovers.

24. A dispenser to keep track of an extensive plastic grocery bag collection.

25. A show-stopping zigzag cocktail dress.

26. Honey lavender tea bags that may calm you down a little bit.

27. A tiny Kraken tentacle to wear around a lucky finger.

28. A cream that's basically a lifesaver for dry, cracked feet.

29. A set of four foldable organizers to keep your bureau drawers from being a muddled mess.

30. An acrylic organizer for anyone with a *lot* of makeup to corral.

31. And hanging pockets to add some color to your office, free up desk space, *and* help you stay organized.

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